Monday, January 11, 2021

Filippo Tenerelli aka Raymond Petrozzi?

Filippo Tenerelli (officially a suicide victim, unrelated to the Manson case) 


Now compare Tenerelli's pics above to that of one Raymond Petrizzo, from the collection of Family mugshots:

Features that are similar:

--Tenerelli's eyes were slightly 'cock-eyed,'* noticeable in the above two photos. And so is the guy pictured in the bottom photo, in the same way.
*aka 'Strabismus'  [Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes do not point in the same direction.]

--dark hair, parted on the same side

--deep scar, noticeable on the left side of Tenerelli's face in the middle photo.  Similar depression in the cheek of "Petrizzo."

--nose is exactly the same

--prominent eyebrows

--prominent, well-rounded forehead


Could it be the same person?   If they are, then it of course means that Tenerelli was a Manson Family associate, which makes it much more likely that he was murdered.   It also means the various investigative agencies have a lot of 'splainen to do.  oo-ee-oo!




Driver's License pic of Tenerelli, much closer to the pic of Petrozzi