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Manson family specter looms over local mystery

Jen Lawson

Tuesday, May 18, 2004 | 9:12 a.m. | Las Vegas Sun

The last time anyone saw 78-year-old Ruby Dorman she was leaving the Flamingo Laughlin after finishing her shift as a buffet hostess.

More than a year later, Metro Police consider her a likely homicide victim, and they believe that her daughter, Juliann White, may know what happened to Dorman.

White, whom police haven't been able to find since January, has for years believed Dorman had followers of Charles Manson kill White's aunt in 1969, police said.

That strange twist is just one aspect of a disappearance that "has all of us puzzled," Metro Homicide Detective George Sherwood said. "We've never located what we believe to be a crime scene or what we believe to be her (Dorman's) body."

Police believe White could provide more information to police, if they could find her.

White, 46, had driven from Las Vegas to her mother's mobile home in Laughlin the morning of April 30, 2003, according to Dorman's roommate, Jane Rugge, police said.

Dorman had already left for work when White arrived, Rugge told police. Rugge then fell asleep and awoke just before 5 p.m. to see White pull into the driveway in her mother's white Honda. Rugge said White then drove away in her Jeep Cherokee without coming inside or saying goodbye, according to police reports.

About 2:30 p.m. that day, Dorman had punched out after her shift at the Flamingo Laughlin buffet, then went to the women's locker room and changed out of her uniform and into a black sweater, slacks and shoes, investigators determined.

Investigators believe something happened to Dorman between the time she left work and the time White dropped her Honda off at her home.

Police examined Dorman's car for evidence but found nothing pointing to foul play. Dorman's purse and keys were left in the car, Sherwood said.

Detectives interviewed White twice, and her statements were inconsistent, but she denied driving Dorman's car or seeing her that day, Sherwood said. Police haven't been able to find White since last speaking to her in January in Reno.

Police do not have an arrest warrant for White.

"We don't work in the theory business, but Juliann somehow got the Honda and Ruby somehow disappeared," Sherwood said. "Ruby was never seen after work. She just fell off the face of the earth."

White, described by Sherwood as "mentally troubled," had a history of arguing with Dorman and had threatened her in the past. Based upon interviews with people who knew the family and based upon White's statements and writings, she apparently held her mother accountable for everything that went wrong in her life, Sherwood said.

White's family told investigators that during her childhood and adult life White blamed her mother for the death of her aunt, Rosemary La Bianca, who was the sister of White's father.

Rosemary La Bianca and her husband, Leno, were stabbed to death in August 1969, in their Los Angeles home. Followers of Charles Manson were convicted of the murders.

In a letter to a Los Angeles investigator, White wrote that Dorman had sent her away to camp that summer so Dorman could plot the La Biancas' murders.

"Rosemary La Bianca let it be known that she wanted to adopt me so as to save me," White's letter read. "Ruby Dorman made the decision to get even with Rosemary La Bianca and sent ... her address to the Manson family."

When Dorman read about the murders the next day, "she let out a phony scream," the letter continued. "I knew that by tolerating her evil presence I would eventually get each and every detail about the day my aunt was slain."

Evidence didn't support White's allegations, however, and Dorman was never charged in connection with the La Biancas' deaths.

The Dorman case, meanwhile, can only be investigated as a missing person at the moment, but "we believe it to be a homicide because of the abruptness of her disappearance," Sherwood said. "She hadn't missed a day of work in 20 years."

Police searched the Laughlin area and they have checked with police in California and Arizona to see if they have any unidentified bodies. So far they've come up with nothing.

Complicating matters is the fact that Rugge, Dorman's roommate, who had been providing police with valuable information, has died of natural causes.

An 80-year-old Las Vegas woman, who asked that her name not be used, said White was staying with her during the time that Dorman went missing last spring.

The woman was like a second mother to White, who lived with the woman part-time when she was between the ages of 18 months and 6 years old. White, whose given name was Juanita and later changed it to Juliann, stayed with the woman in Las Vegas during the week while Dorman worked in Laughlin.

She said she remembers White rambling about the connection to the Manson family during her most recent stay but she tried not to pay attention.

"I just can't imagine her (harming Dorman), but the circumstances say otherwise," the woman said. "I'm sticking my head in the sand. I'm trying not to think about it."

Recalling April 30, 2003, the woman said she didn't notice White behaving any differently.

"She stayed in her bedroom so much and I finally told her she should get herself a job," the woman said.

Before long, White packed her bags and moved out. White visited the woman about a month or two ago to see if she had any mail and said she had gotten a job at a pickle factory.

"I wonder if we'll ever know about Ruby," the woman said.

White, who in 2002 wrote a book on Jimmy Page of the band Led Zeppelin, is divorced and believed to be moving around the country living off the profit of the sale of her home, Sherwood said.

Anyone with information about the case can call Sherwood at 229-3521. 

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Goodbye Helter Skelter Podcast Episode 9

George Stimson posted a new episode of his Goodbye Helter Skelter podcast this week. 

One thing I like about Stimson is he doesn't go out and attempt to recruit every new person who shows up in Manson with a platform and superciliously woo them into believing gobs of uncheckable facts via Messenger & etc. while also calling every skeptic divisive, toxic, and dumb.  

I get the feeling Stimson believes he can sell his work on its own merit. And of course he's from Ohio and gets bonus points there. My Manson scene people rankings if I ever made them would be every researcher from Ohio ever except Billy's girl, followed by Max Frost, possibly tied with Max Frost, followed by the rest of you hoi polloi. 

Basic jealousies of California people and other folks who don't have cornfield back yards and swampy woods as scenery fuel my pretend ranking so don't get all offended and set me straight down below. A lot of me wishes he was you. It's true. 

Mental health is important and I think we should share here since we're all trapped in the same submarine. Oh, I know. Some of you newer folks are going around announcing your upcoming exit with your naked father. Pardon my yawns but you just don't know you've checked into the Hotel California yet. 

While I indeed have a strong feeling times are a-Changin as people become more savvy online, three authors continue to somewhat dominate the current Manson book scene. Looking at that group, and even though Stimson gets the most derision from noobs, teamists, and the lightly informed, at least imo, he is the least far out there. Hugely. 

Not that my votes matter, I am a noob myself within the broader scope. But I'm beginning to believe George in principal. However, I'm not sure someone could convince even one of my hound dogs that Linda Kasabian was the mastermind behind the (I hate to say it) immature and kinda moronic plan to free Bobby. 

If you also don't believe Kasabian came up with the plan, might you have a likelier scenario? 


*Writers who claim they have secret info from secret sources they can't reveal are lying to you in an attempt to separate you from your duckets. It's not too late to wake up and help increase the general knowledge of the Manson milieu. Stop wasting your time watching and listening. Go look things up for yourself. 

** Btw, dox this

I still have your folders...+ggw

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Interesting Abigail Folger Podcast on Youtube

I liked this well-produced video on Abigail and decided to start the Laurel Canyon series from the beginning after watching Episode 9. 

Truth be told, I was leery going in. A long time ago back when I was an innocent who took people on the Internet at their word, a man named McGowan fooled me. Since then, I've left the Canyon alone. 

Tell me what you think down below if you watch. 

*We're awaiting articles from other writers. If no one finishes first, I'll be back to review the new Stimson. 

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The Several Searching Scholars Ride Again!

And arrive too late as usual...

Welcome to another installment of Deemer-ing with Bunt, Doug, and Montana.

Lately, we're trying to find someone from the Ranch crew who will verify the child trafficking claims levied by Cielo relatives against Patricia Krenwinkel during recent parole hearings. Saturday, Buntline popped up in our Ham Radio chat (Come in, Guam!) with hot info wrapped in a cautionary tale about believing everything you read on the Internet.

"Here's a Deemer's list guy."

CARR, Robert John    
Mass./El Monte/ Canoga Park
Nickname: B.C.
FIR at Spahn Ranch.

Stephanie Schram was asked about B.C. Link via the Almighty

"Officer Butler has also received information that a person known only as 'B.C.' is working on the various dune buggies at the Spahn Ranch. 'B.C.' reportedly works at a Volkswagen Agency in Simi, and he is paid large sums of money by Charles Manson to work on the dune buggies. 'B.C.' reportedly is the person who installed the 1969 Volkswagen engine and transmission out of the stolen Volkswagen into the dune buggy owned by Manson."

Butler owned Butler's Buggy Shop and was a victim of Manson Family auto thefts. Odd that he knew Carr only as B.C. while Deemer apparently had the full story. Think they ever got around to comparing notes? 

Anyway. We think B.C. is dead. We found him and his son trapped for Internet eternity in a brain shattering loop of exposing Jewish conspiracies online, stopping the government from trafficking minors in space, Sovereign Citizenship, and deadly viruses none of them believed were real. The covid thing possibly killed B.C.'s son. The jury is still out on B.C. 

B.C. put his Senior Citizen Identification Card on his Facebook. He hasn't been there since 2019. The card remains valid through this fall. 

Here's B.C.'s Facebook page. Notice his employment at Volkswagen. What's in that one photo you say? Why, his willy of course. 

Bunt wanted me to mention this photo was taken postcoital. Our man B.C. was likely all drippy and whatnot. Shrinky. 

News that matters. Greenwhite with the hard facts. The Manson Blog is the only resource you will ever need. Btw, the lady who took the photo and informed the Internet of the snapshot's timing also accused B.C. of stealing her trailer home. Love hurts sometimes.  

Bunt's comments with the photo: 

"I had to delve deep into the B.C. family rabbit hole for this photo. Except there weren't any rabbits. Just racism, anti-Semitism, and insanity.  

Also, it wasn't a rabbit hole, it was a dumpster, and the dumpster was on fire.


Thanks, we sure did. But Mrs. B.C. absolutely steals the show. She's still out there posting fire memes and political hot takes, and you know we're all goodly and honest, so we'll keep that lil gem to ourselves like we keep so many other lil gems to ourselves. 

Empathy. The Several Searching Scholars' way. 

More from Bunt: 

"They lived in the sort of trailer park where neighbors with soiled pants come around asking for food. Imagine like a cross between the Addams Family, Deliverance and The Hills Have Eyes.

She's got a British flag on her trailer because she is actually Queen Elizabeth II while also being FDR's daughter. Also, most things appear to be the fault of the Jews. 

I seen things man. I seen things you can't imagine." 

Mrs. B.C. seriously believes she's the Queen of England somehow. And also knows everyone famous as all free women of the land are want to do. Oh, and this:

Two freakin likes. Facebook is a lonely place sometimes. 

We return to our searchings...

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El Donkalito Goes Luau

You know the rule of Manson research that says whatever you think you discovered was actually discovered decades ago and has been discussed to death by people who know more than you might ever aspire to knowing? 

If you're unfamiliar with that rule and dropping hot takes online from sentences you pull from documents you also find online, go read that first sentence again and let it settle upon your brain. And please accept a bit of advice from a survivor if you're receptive. Any combination of hubris, newness, and not understanding what Googling for confirmation bias is may result in your fellow residents of the yellow submarine practicing their apoplexy upon you in extremely public ways. 

It's called being greenwhite'd. 

The joke is on them. I'm stronger and taller than mountains after emerging from the forge of insults, go aways, and I'm not sure if I like this's. Look down at my hands while I type, Thomas. I'm made of f'ing bronze. 

Oh! Same goes for repeating company lines outside of your assigned echo chamber. Don't do it. They will gobble you up with their razor teeth. Even your hair and biggest bones. 

Having said all of that, please indulge us one more time as we attempt to fill in the pieces of the Danny DeCarlo backstory. I'm not satisfied Danny was not the driver on the trip to Hinman's, and often wonder what else he was up to in those days. Bugliosi, Sanders, Ivor, the media, all those people had me believing Danny showed up with a biker gang out of the clear blue. Maybe he did. But Danny was also a local kid, and I always try to understand how the human puzzle fits together. 

We had some missing years for Danny. Equus Asinus. Hawaii should've been our first guess since that's where all hoodlums who sleep on the dirty ground with teenagers eventually end up. Screw college and following the rules amirite? 

Jealousy sometimes consumes me. I apologize. 

Like I mentioned, Danny had a few missing years. But then Deb said, "Dude, he lived in Hawaii," and included her research. Danny's mom had a crib in tiny Pahoa. I was like omg I'm about to discover there's more to the Hamburger Caper. Danny was in on it! 

My enshrinement into the Hall of Gurus was assured. I danced and exalted until I noticed, okay until Bunt pointed out, that Danny was in Hawaii years later. Immediately, my dreams exploded like the air from my bicycle inner tube after I rode across broken malt liquor bottles trying to get a better photo of a cartoon penis someone painted on a green dumpster.   

Pahoa Wikipedia page. Lava flows destroyed homes in 2014 and 2018. 

Danny's mother also owned an Italian restaurant in town. Ring ring, "Yeah, hi. Lemme get a chicken parm and a meatball sub, please. And a side of extra sauce. Pickup, please." 

A few addresses:

A building permit:

And that's it. This one went pretty much nowhere but hopefully fills in a bit more of the timeline so many of us are working on. Either way, thanks for reading me today and stopping by the place where scholars gather. You are a cut above. 

in a green & white
jeep. xo

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Charlie on the 1950 US Census

Caged at sixteen years old. Because I'm all bleeding heart and dumbly, I find myself wishing I could fire up the dune buggy time machine and morph into some 1950 Karlene Faith therapist dude and say, "Yo, Chuck. You gotta chill." But I'm not sure Charlie would listen. I surely did not listen to adults at sixteen. 

When I was sixteen, I loved a girl named Kira. She played bass, was more than a decade older, and married someone way more famous than me. So great was my pain I placed a curse upon their marriage. The curse eventually worked but Kira never came my way. 

By then, I loved a surfer named Janet anyway. But Janet never received my mind messages through the tv and was therefore also lost to me. 

I have one more post for the weekend unless some of the actual blog writers appear ready to go before then. One small issue with my upcoming post is I've temporarily misplaced all of the research. So there's that. 

I love you even if you don't love me. +ggw ohio. 

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Manson Family High Schools Master List - Community Request Post

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! 

Shoe's recent work motivated me to attempt to group the folks from the Manson arrests together and look for patterns and commonalities within the created groups. I've wondered if Paul Watkins was fibbing about Charles Manson sending him back to high school to procure young loves ever since I read Watkins' book on the Col's site during the halcyon days of my early Manson research. Let's start there.  

Hey, man,” Charlie said after a long silence. “Speaking of young love, how about you hustling some new blood? You know, maybe enroll in that high school. I see some fine-looking girls walking to school in the morning. Can you dig that?”

“Sure, why not… maybe I can get my diploma!”

Charlie chuckled. “Yeah… get educated… study the mystery of history, and the ramis-jamis… and in the meantime, we’ll call it the in-between time. Then, on the other hand, of course, you have a ring.” Charlie looked down at his left hand, the middle finger of which sported a turquoise ring. “Now,” he went on, “take the toad’s toenail… pretty ain’t it – bleep, bleep – ride in a jeep.”

And then..

It was two o’clock by the time we got back to the house. I had Stephanie draw me a bath, then I changed clothes and drove the BSA bike I’d just acquired down to Birmingham High to enroll.

The wrap up...

By then my stint as a student at Birmingham High had come to an end. After two weeks of classes, I’d gotten bored, but not before luring several attractive girls to Gresham Street to get loaded and make love. While none of these girls ever joined the Family, my success pleased Charlie.

“Motherfucker! Those little gals love your ass!”

* I don't necessarily believe Lil Paul remembered conversations word for word. Or even at all. 

When I wrote about Patricia Krenwinkel a couple of months back, we touched on today's cultural focus on stopping the sex trafficking of minors and discussed how our modern opinions influence parole hearings for crimes that took place over half a century ago.  

If I could somehow disengage from my generalized misanthropy, inability to suffer fools, germs thing, unwillingness to engage in or witness human contact, love of central air, dislike of discomfort and inconvenience, aversion to desert dumpsters, sleeping on the ground, viruses, and (of course) the murders, I can totally see myself enjoying machine guns, dune buggy races, and nonstop Tommy Chong-sized 1969 joints beside a campfire while assuring Mary Brunner that Wisconsin football will always take a back seat to the mighty Buckeyes. 

EJB could fill us in on the teams in the MAC. I'd say, "Yeller, put yer glasses on. That rule really ain't a rule. And your conference is junior varsity." But only if Bill wasn't around. I do my best to avoid fights with boxing champions. 

I'd wager Charlie was skilled at thumping bigger dudes. If the no eyeglasses rule really was a rule, maybe I could bribe the boss with a crow or some other desert animal I summoned via my magical powers and a triangle I stole from the Chatsworth High band room. How am I supposed to read my books without my spectacles, Charlie? 

Picture me rollin. Tokyo drifting across that hot sand with Brenda McCann in a bikini top beside me in the passenger seat. She's a minor. I'm a minor. We're all freakin minors with dune buggies and it's so hot outside. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you as always for tuning in to your forever honest journalist, Goodness Gracias Greene-Whyte, reporting from out back behind old George's movie ranch.  

Before I go ranking my favorite Manson girls and choosing a mattress that smells like cat urine, I have to know if anyone was exploiting minors. If yes, I want to know how that particular machine worked. Where did the minors come from and who reeled them in? 

If I turn to the Internet for answers, it's super easy to find someone saying, "Oh, they were a cult yackity yackity and all day was spent recruiting." That gem is uttered to death. 

Searching to verify, I'll sometimes ask others to ask this or that person from the family if they were part of a cult and spent all day recruiting. Without fail, the people always come back repeating things like, "No way. We met up in the morning for chores and then broke off into groups or alone to do whatever we wanted all day." 

But if I return here with that info and present a front row view from 1969, multiple views from front row 1969 even, some readers will scoff. "Whatever. They're a pack of g-damn liars who should burn in Hell." 

Oh, how the venom drips. Who am I left to believe? Someone who lived it, or someone on the Internet who acts like they know things? 

Rhetorical. The answer is obviously the Internet. Here's a short list of things I think we can believe without a ton of debate: 

- We have public records proving Charlie was a pimp in his younger days 

- Lynette Fromme mentions herself, Katie, and Brenda turning tricks out of Pete DiLeo's house 

- Prostitution has been with us longer than written language  

Let's take that list, the Manson mugs, sundry others caught with the Slippies, and build a shrine upon Mt. Data. I want to make a spreadsheet of their high schools and see if any rhyme or reason pivots out. 

See what I did there? I know. Writer jokes are corny but they're all I have. 

On with the show. I'm posting the mugs again below so no one has to scroll. Let's add as we go. Again, please feel free to correct. The people who steal this work and present it without credit to their cliques will appreciate you but not like I do. My love is real. 

Buntline got us started and I added what I know. Homie is en fuego. 

1. Charles Manson - No HS 

2. Bobby Beausoleil - Santa Barbara HS - CA

3. Danny DeCarlo - Crenshaw HS?- CA 

4. Clem Grogan - Simi Valley HS - CA

5. Sandra Good - Point Loma HS - San Diego, CA 

8. Susan Atkins - Leigh HS - San Jose, CA

8. Susan Atkins - Los Banos HS - CA 

11. Leslie Van Houten - Monrovia HS - CA

12. Sherri Cooper - Royal HS - Simi Valley, CA

13. Stephanie Rowe - University HS - Los Angeles, CA

14. Ella Jo Bailey - Holland HS - Holland, MI

15. Mary Brunner - Regis HS? - Eau Claire, WI 

16. Patricia Krenwinkel - Westchester HS -  CA

18. Catherine Share - Hollywood HS - CA

22. Harold True - Birmingham HS - Van Nuys, CA

23. Tex Watson - Farmersville HS - Farmersville, TX

27. Sue Bartell - Canoga Park HS - CA

29. Vern Plumlee - Washington HS - Portland, OR

31. Karate Dave - San Pedro HS - CA

32. Colleen Sinclair - Lutheran HS - Los Angeles, CA

33. Stephanie Schram - Grossmont HS - CA

34. Nancy Pittman - Hollywood HS -  CA

35. Dianne Lake - Big Pine HS - CA 

36. Kitty Lutesinger - Granada Hills HS - CA

38. Allen Lee Delisle - Granada Hills HS - CA

39. Catherine Gillies - Sanger HS - CA

40. Charlie Giffin - Simi Valley HS - CA

41. Bruce Davis - Roan County HS - TN 

42. Lynette Fromme - Redondo Union HS - CA

42. Lynette Fromme - Westchester HS - CA

44. Ruth Ann Moorehouse - Westmont HS - CA

45. "Madeline Cottage" - Freedom Area HS - PA

48. Linda Kasabian - Milford High School - NH

49. Diane Von Ahn - Washington HS - Portland, OR 

50. Barbara Hoyt - William H Taft HS - Woodland Hills, CA

53. Paul Watkins -  Thousand Oaks HS - CA

56. Ruth Gordon - Chatsworth HS - CA

58. Robert Earl Murray -  Pittsford Central HS - Pittsford, NY

59. Thomas Galella - Simi Valley HS - CA


Not shown in Mugshots but on Deemer's list or elsewhere:  

AL-Louis Covell - Woodrow Wilson HS - Long Beach, CA

Jennifer Gentry - Santa Monica HS - CA

Sharon Rayfield - George Porter MS - CA

Linda Rose Hovsepian - Leuzinger HS - Lawndale, CA

Chuck Lovett - Birmingham HS - Van Nuys, CA

Brooks Poston - Weslaco HS - TX

Kevin Schooler Raph - Chatsworth HS - CA

Onjya Sipe (JoAnn Myers) - Downey Union - CA 

Juanita Wildebush - Westwood HS - New Jersey 


* At a glance, several kids went to Simi Valley High. The most major figure from the family who attended Simi Valley is Steve Grogan. 

** I believe Lynette Fromme also attended Westchester HS but not at the same time as Pat. 



MC5 - High School 

MC5 - American Ruse (The host announces Anne Murray as the following act at the end.) 

Manson Community message. 

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We Solved for X!

Don't worry. We're not gonna bust you out to the world, Mr. X. 

You gave us stuff none of the gurus ever discovered in their "research." Your contribution is noted and appreciated. Same for you, Allegra

You probably said too much and they might find you like we did but your secret is safe with us. High five, dude. Keep that beat going

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Manson Estate Battle Update

I'd love to see Jason Freeman play a lawyer. Who needs all that college anyway? 


LOS ANGELES - A probate court judge Tuesday took under submission a Florida man's assertion that he is the grandson of mass murderer Charles Manson, a claim being challenged by a former Manson pen pal as well as Manson's professed sister, who are also vying to administer the late cult leader's estate.

During Tuesday's virtual hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court Ruben Garcia said he will decide by May 20 whether 45-year-old Jason Freeman of Bradenton, Florida, is indeed the son of Manson's late son, Charles Manson Jr., who was also named Charles Jay White and who committed suicide in June 1993.

Alan Davis, an attorney for Dale Kiken — a lawyer and current temporary special administrator of the Manson estate who is advocating for Freeman's kinship claim — said that two court events conclusively establish Freeman's claim to be Manson's grandson.

In February 1986, an Ohio judge found that Freeman was the son of Charles Manson Jr., who was ordered to pay child support payments to Freeman's mother, said Davis, who added that proof of Manson Jr.'s payments to the woman have been documented.

In addition, in March 2018, a Kern County commissioner ruled that Freeman was entitled to Manson's remains and that order also established that Freeman was Manson's grandson, according to Davis.

Freeman also addressed the court during the hearing, saying he was a freshman in high school when his father died and the only reason he could continue playing high school sports was because of the child support payments his mother received of more than $600 a month.

Davis said the Ohio order remained unchallenged for decades until the current challenges by former Manson pen pal Michael Channels and by Nancy Claassen of Spokane, Washington, who alleges in her court papers that she and Manson had the same mother and that she therefore is his "sole heir-at-law."

"All of a sudden we're dealing with an estate and we have all these people coming out of the woodwork," Davis said.

But attorney Timothy Lyons, on behalf of Channels, said Judge Clifford Klein, who previously presided over the case and has since retired, gave no weight to the Ohio court decision. Lawyer Dilair Nafoosi, on behalf of Claassen, said the Ohio ruling dealt with child support and not whether Freeman was a Manson heir.

Klein signed an order in 2019 directing Freeman to take a DNA test, but his ruling was reversed by a three-justice panel of the 2nd District Court of Appeal in 2021. Freeman once told Klein that he would not voluntarily agree to DNA testing, but would obey a court order to do so.

Channels had asked for the DNA test of Freeman. In his court papers, Channels said Manson's 2002 will, filed in Kern County in November 2017, named him as the executor of Manson's estate.

Freeman, acting as his own attorney, has filed court papers stating that probate of the will should be denied because it was created "as a direct result of undue influence exercised by (Channels) over (Manson) and is not, and never was, the will of (Manson)."

Manson suffered from heart disease and other ailments before he died in 2017.

"Because of his weakened condition, (Channels) ... gained his confidence and easily influenced (Manson) to leave all of his estate to (Channels)," Freeman's court papers state.

Manson and members of his outcast "family" of followers were convicted of killing actress Sharon Tate — who was eight months pregnant — and six other people during a bloody rampage in the Los Angeles area in August 1969.

Prosecutors said Manson and his followers were trying to incite a race war he dubbed "Helter Skelter," taken from the Beatles song of the same name.

The Manson clan also stabbed to death grocery magnate Leno La Bianca and his wife Rosemary La Bianca the night after the Tate murders.

Manson was convicted of seven counts of first-degree murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder in the deaths of Tate, the La Biancas, and four other people at the Tate residence — coffee heiress Abigail Ann Folger, photographer Wojciech Frykowski, hairdresser Jay Sebring and Steven Earl Parent, who was shot in his car on his way to visit an acquaintance who lived in a separate rented guest house on the Tate property.

Manson and followers Charles "Tex" Watson, Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel and the late Susan Atkins all were convicted and sentenced to state prisons in 1971. Manson also was convicted in December of that year of first-degree murder for the July 25, 1969, death of Gary Hinman and the August 1969 death of Donald Shea.

He and the others originally were sentenced to death, but a 1972 state Supreme Court decision caused all capital sentences in California to be commuted to life in prison. There was no life-without-parole sentence at the time.

Manson was denied parole a dozen times.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022


 Come join us here and write on the Manson Blog. 

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Carol Loveless from the Manson Mugshots

Carol is #55 down below. She's located between Jack and Ruth Gordon. The photo is from the same yearbook and Barbara and Keith Carradine. You in there too, X? 

As is often the case, Buntline found Carol's photo for us. Does anyone know when she was arrested? 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Master List of Cielo Anomalies

This is the master list of anomalies concerning discrepancies between physical evidence and the more-or-less official narrative.

Thanks for your suggested additions.

Major Anomalies

The items on this list are fundamental to the events and to the sequence described in the official narrative, but they directly contradict the narrative.

1) Blood evidence at the doorway/porch.

This is at odds with all testimony. 

2) Towel on Sebring's head.

At odds with all testimony.

3) Stab wounds on Tate's back.

No version of the narrative unambiguously describes a situation in which she was attacked from behind.

Minor Anomalies

The items on this list raise questions about variations from the official narrative, but are not in themselves contradictory.

1) Broken guard rail.

Explained as being done by Parent, but without much detail.

2) Marks on Tate's face.

Watson has mentioned at least twice that he inflicted cuts on Tate's face as the first wounds; the Noguchi autopsy report and testimony say they are rope burns.

3) Knife found at the scene with no blood evidence.

The knife found in the chair had no blood on it, but appeared to be coated with some unidentified substance.

4) Moving or rearranging some of the bodies.

Initial investigators state that they believed that Tate's body had been in some sense handled or moved.

5) Glasses near the trunks.

Unexplained in the official narrative.

6) Blood trail on the trunks.

On close inspection the blood trails on the trunks appear to have been made while the trunks were in a different position than in which they were found.

7) Purple scarf found near Frykowski. 

There was a  purple scarf found on the front lawn near Frykowski. This scarf had Sebring's blood type on it.

8) Purple ribbons found on front door handle (or inside house).

This will take some digging. I've read about it in the 1st progress report, I think, but not much elsewhere. Blood type is identified simply as "O", no subtype.

9) Odd alignment of Folger's car in Cielo parking area.

Looking at the many available aerial photos of Cielo after the murders, I notice Abigail's Firebird parked considerably further away from the fence than Jay's Porsche. The fence I refer to here is the wood rail fence that separates the parking area from the front lawn. Why?

10) The state of the porch lights on front porch on the night of 8-9 Aug.

Looking at a photo of Roman in Life magazine on the Cielo porch a week after the murders, and I see one of the carriage lights on either side of the front door is burned out. Susan Atkins said that after turning out the lights inside the house, there was enough light coming in the windows from outside to carry out their attack. Makes one wonder if one of those lights was burned out on August 8th. Perhaps those lights were left on for a week post murders, and one of them burned out in that time.

11) The mystery of the dog that did not bark.

Christopher, Rudi Altobelli's Weimaraner, was let out by Bill Garretson, ostensibly unattended. Susan Atkins says she saw a "hunting dog" looking in at her while in the house. I believe this is a true statement, and I believe she saw Christopher. My question is: if Christopher was on the lawn during the attacks, did Tex or Patricia encounter him? How did Christopher make it back to the guesthouse on his own, and unhurt, if he was in the presence of armed killers. It is known that Christopher could sometimes be a mean dog, and at one time even bit Rudi. One would think that he would have barked wildly, and perhaps try to attack at least Tex, Patricia, or even Linda.

I'll try to develop new articles, each of which focuses on one or more of the anomalies. I invite other readers to do the same. As each anomaly is addressed in an article I'll modify the master list to show that it has been covered. 

What I may do is to go back to this list, and modify it, adding a hypertext link to the new article that deals with the anomaly in greater depth. The list could then become a sort of reference work with pointers toward supporting (or at least expanded) details.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Episode Where Mr. X Says He Sold Owsley LSD to Charlie for a Dollar a Tab

And partnered with Charlie in drug ventures. I can't even with this dude anymore. 

Owsley acid was free and not around for as long as X thinks. His timeline is off. My basic research process is once I catch someone in one lie, they remain a liar. 

Anecdotally, I also know LSD cost a buck a hit in bulk in the Midwest during the 90's. Often, the price point was at fifty cents per. At least learn the numbers, X.  

Whatever. The greatest hits regurgitation of everything you ever read in Manson continues here. You'll love it if your name is Dupey McDuperson and you have time for an old man's bullshit stories. I can't wait until we know who this cat is for real. 

Owsley on his way to meet X, Chuck Sommers, and Sonny B. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Danny DeCarlo Backstory and Ruth Gordon Update!

Lately, the blog is becoming me and Shoe asking questions while sitting at the feet of yon experts. Stars fill our eyes. Maybe only mine eyes. I can't speak for Shoe. He might not like it like the Colonel doesn't. Regardless, new fruits are falling out of the Manson tree of knowledge in real time. 

I don't think I've ever used yon in a sentence. Maybe I should try to work it into casual conversations. "What time is Saturday's bbq at yon's abode?" "OMG would you please remove yon's clothes from the f-ing dryer! I've been asking for two days!" 

Today, I have stars in my eyes for Buntline. But I legit always do. Bunt is one of those rare researchers who provides data with their thoughts. In forty-eight hours, Buntline basically figured out Ruth Gordon and found Danny DeCarlo's arrival in the US. 

 More than that, Bunt put me back on track with additional documents after I missed a govt. typo and started looking for a timeline I'd never find.

Danny's 1944 birthdate was incorrectly transcribed, possibly by the AI that reads that stuff, as 1914. I totally missed it. His parents are indeed Thomas and Marie. 

3976 3rd Avenue in Los Angeles is worth over a million dollars now. The DeCarlo's shoulda kept the property. I'm not a big stucco guy fwiw. 

Someone from LA is welcome to correct me but that looks like the Leimert Park neighborhood. Here's what I found on Wikipedia. The location of their first US home makes me think Crenshaw and not Westchester was the likely high school for the DeCarlo kids. 

*A bit of minutia. Patricia Krenwinkel and Lynette Fromme also attended Westchester High School at different times. 


Moving on to Ruth Gordon. 

Here's Matt and them (you) discussing the mugshots a decade ago. The only write up I could find on Ruth Gordon was this one. The owners of that website asked readers to "let them know" if anyone finds more info on Ruth. I hope this suffices. 

Those of you following the Mr. X saga on Allegra Lansing's channel know Mr. X dropped a couple of Spahnites' names during the first installment of his interview. Jack Gordon, 4th from left bottom row, and Barbara aka Ruth Gordon, two photos away from him on the right. Mr. X mentions they had a baby named Aaron who Mary Brunner delivered at the Ranch. Sadly, little Aaron died. His last name on the death certificate is Cline. 

AB Nobel Jr. High School is 2.4 miles miles away from Chatsworth HS and located on the same street. Check out Keith Carradine top right, second from right. Those eyes are enough to make a straight man swoon. 


I know I've been heavy on requests lately but I'm wondering if anyone has the corresponding documents from Tom O'Neill's notes section of his book, or knows where I will find them.

My first vacation in a year starts next week but unofficially yesterday. I can't promise I won't post fifty-five more times before Monday but will refrain once something big and juicy appears in our queue. Buntline, Welsh Englishman, Tobias, Torque, dare I say even Matt and David. I'd love to read something from you folks if you ever find yourselves suddenly seized by the urge to type. Jay on a film review, maybe?

And seriously, if you're out there reading this and have something to add to the conversation, shoot Matt an email. Fresh takes are welcome and invited. Shoutout to my homie, Mr. Nitelite, for texting all day about this crazy milieu we inhabit. +ggw

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Apologies if you've seen this one before. It's new to me.

Ruth Ann Moorehouse

The year she marries Edward Heuvelhorst at age sixteen. 


That you, Donkey?

I was searching for a Danny DeCarlo birthdate on Google using "Danny DeCarlo birthdate" as my query terms. Bupkis. After eleven hours of Cielo boxes yesterday, I lacked the courage to hop back in. Fortunately, had Danny's birthday on his dedicated page. 

The story told across the Internet is Danny was born in Canada and became an American citizen after serving in the US Coast Guard. I took that to mean Danny arrived in the States as an adult, but always wondered how he ended up in a bike club in Venice, CA. 

Two public records exist for DeCarlo that I am comfy believing are correct. A marriage and subsequent divorce in Oregon. And not to Sherry Cooper. 

Searching Canadian records, I left empty handed. No birth. City directories. Nuthin. 

All of this is probably minutia but I'd like to remove my questions from my mind. I'm wondering if someone here might point me to a record of Danny's early life in Canada? Anything detailing his arrival in the US would be greatly appreciated. A photo in a Coast Guard uniform would be collector level. 

That kid up top looks like Danny to me. They share the same name, and I can't trace the kid beyond his 8th/9th grade photo. Orville Wright middle school feeds students into Westchester and Crenshaw High Schools. 

Danny's high school class would've graduated in 1962 or 1963. I'm guessing Westchester but also not sure Danny attended high school. Perhaps hence the Coast Guard. The Satans' Venice Beach HQ was a short drive from the neighborhoods surrounding the middle school. 

Do we have any early Sixties Westchester grads in the house? Crenshaw where you at? Somebody please help the green. 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Places I liked in LA...

Before diving into something more demanding from the anomalies list, I thought I'd share some of the places I liked when in LA. Others may recognize these, and share with us their own favorites.

 Hopefully, it may give others a more detailed view of LA as it was, and to a degree, still is.

Many of these places I just drove by, was never inside of...

1) Pan Pacific Auditorium

This burned down in the 80's, I think. It was on Beverley Blvd, between Fairfax and La Brea.

2) Cinerama Dome

This is at the Hollywood end of Sunset, as I recall. Never  in it.

3) Farmers' Market

Near Fairfax and the CBS studios, as I recall. WRT Fairfax, the thing to understand is that it was the heart of LA's Jewish community, and the street, itself, had lots of delis.

So this is real close to that district.

4) Castle Argyle

This is interesting. You can see it from 101, as I recall, and in the mid-70s they were remodeling it and I snuck in with the workmen (easy to do; no one gave a damn) and took a lot of photos of the old interiors, which are now lost, like the secret for making Greek fire.

This is in Hollywood, as I recall.

5) Capital Records Building

Also visible from the Hollywood Freeway (101). 

For those few too young to get the visual symbolism, this was a stack of records as they would appear on a turntable.

6) Chateau Marmont

This is really imposing, visually, when you drive by it. On Sunset near Laurel Canyon.

7) Santa Monica Pier

It was more fun to see it while riding bikes up from Playa del Rey. Imposing, for sure.

8) Brown Derby, Wilshire

Never went there, but drove by it every weekday the year I went to Southwestern Law School, also on Wilshire.

9) Greek Theater

It is much better to go here than the Hollywood Bowl--which itself is a fun place to attend a concert.

10) Yamashiro

This was/is a Japanese restaurant. It was once a private residence, which is mind-boggling when you consider that it's located just off Franklin. It is just about as Hollywood as you can get.



11) Lawry's Beverley Hills

This is the very best place for prime rib I've ever been to! Near the old Beverley 14 Cineplex, as I recall.

12) Randy's Donuts

This is actually visible from 405, in Inglewood. The sign completely boggled my mind when I first saw it when I was about 9 or so.

Never been the same, since...

13) Hotel Hell

Ah, lucky 13. How appropriate!

Very strange place. When I first saw it in the 70s it was very run-down. Later it was abandoned and reputedly druggies and their ilk lived in it. Someone inside started a fire in it and it burned down in the 80s, I think.

Very, very spooky place to drive by--it was HUGE, right in the middle of Hollywood, on Hollywood Blvd, I think. Visually imposing, even when it was a wreck.

Here's the story, with pix:

Hotel Hell


In conclusion, seeing these again, one of the main things to stress about LA, and what made it so much fun for me, was that it was whimsical as hell. Did not really give a damn what you might think of it; it seemed happy being LA.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Who Drove to Gary's?


Ella Jo Bailey testified for the People that she had known Manson since 1967 and travelled extensively throughout the southwestern United States with him, Mary Brunner, Patricia Krenwinkel and Lynne Fromme, and that they moved to the Spahn Ranch in 1968 where she met Davis and Beausoleil. 

Several times during May and June 1969, Manson talked to Bailey and others about "going out" to get money to buy dune buggies to go to the desert to live. In July of 1969 Manson talked to several members of the family about the need to get money and names were discussed of various persons from whom they could get money. Hinman's name was discussed and the fact that he owned a house and stocks and bonds. 

On July 26, 1969, Manson told Bailey and Bill Vance that he wanted them to go to Hinman's house and persuade him to join the "family" or sign over all of his property and automobiles. Vance said he had better things to do and walked away. That night at about 6 p.m. Bailey saw Manson talking to Beausoleil and Davis. Beausoleil had a knife (People's exh. 18) and Davis had a nine millimeter Radom gun (People's exh. 30). Subsequent investigation by officers established that Davis had purchased the gun under an assumed name. Bailey saw Brunner and Atkins dressed in dark clothes. Bailey saw Brunner, Atkins, Beausoleil and a fourth unidentified person drive off in [71 Cal. App. 3d 14] a ranch hand's car which was driven by the fourth person. Davis was still in the parking lot.