Monday, September 29, 2014

The Witches of Mendocino Court Files Part 2

Here is the report from the Mendocino County Probation Department on Mary Brunner. It is less kind to Mary than Sadie's report was to her. I suppose it had something to do with Mary having been college educated and being a mother. The report certainly frowned on Mary having allowed Cathran Smith/Patricia Krenwinkel to claim Michael as her own child.

We hope to make the entire file available to everyone soon. There is more good stuff along with the procedural documents. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Witches of Mendocino Court Files: Part 1

Our Chief Assassin Deb has unearthed the court files relating to the Witches of Mendocino fiasco of 1968. We will present 2-3 sections of it here over the next week after which we will make the entire 82 page file available via email (or some way or another).

We found the biographies and probation recommendations very interesting. They were very sympathetic to Sadie, but not as kind to Mary.

Here are the 10 pages devoted to Sadie. It contains a really good biography followed up by the court’s opinion of her personality, mental state, etc.

It also DOCUMENTS that they were calling themselves the "family" back in 1968. It has been widely believed that the term was not coined until the summer of 1969 by some of the girls at Spahn Ranch. Manson himself has also said that there was "no family".

Documentation always ALWAYS  A L W A Y S trumps interviews and "first hand accounts".


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Manson, a Black Woman and Nietzsche

 An introductory to this story is necessary.  Wanda Coleman was an acclaimed Black poet and author from Watts in the South Central area of Los Angeles.  She was married to a white man named Charlie Coleman with whom she had two children.  During the summer of 1968 Wanda and Charlie with their kids regularly went to Griffith Park in LA.  It was there that Wanda and Charlie Coleman met Charles Manson and a few of the girls.

This is an excerpt from a chapbook titled love-ins with Nietzsche published in 2000.  Coleman interspersed her memoir with quotes by Nietzsche whose work she was introduced to by a high school teacher.  She had a unique ability to extract the essence of Nietzsche's writings and adapt them to her own circumstances.  Nietzsche certainly wasn't writing  to an audience of young black women of the '60's.
I found Coleman's story to be an interesting asterisk  in the Manson saga especially as it relates to Manson's views on Blacks.  Coleman refers to her husband as Charlie in this narrative and to Manson as Charles except in one instance which is fairly apparent.
"Reports about gatherings of 'the beautiful people' in local parks were on the grapevine- feeding the poor and sharing songs at be-ins and love-ins.  Eagerly, we joined the throng, acutely aware that our double lives had doubled again.  We soon had two children, a boy and a girl.  Often we packed a lunch and Thermos to spend mornings and afternoons among 'the flower children,' picnicking and dancing to conga drum music, ogling trinkets for sale, collecting leaflets- basking in a sandalwood-scented atmosphere of unbridled peace, love and sexual freedom.  The evening and night of the same day, we might find ourselves in the backroom of a community center, abandoned building or church debating the merits of sit-ins, boycotts and armed struggle, wondering who was the counterintelligence snitch.  Charlie loved the excitement and danger.  I sat owl-eyed and silent, keeping my cynicism- on both extremes- to myself.  Nearly four years would pass before our two disparate worlds would merge during the Griffith Park love-ins of summer 1968.
Charlie had promised to help a peace charity set up their tables to hand out free food.  We packed up our babies, double stroller and diaper bag, and went into our larder for a jar of Skippy's peanut butter and strawberry preserves to donate.  It was early when we arrived, the area was deserted.  My habit was to anchor myself to our blanket with my book, playing with the children while they crawled and toddled, keeping one eye on the oversized guitar case.  Charlie had added a 12-string to his collection.  His habit was to roam, strapped with the lighter acoustical guitar, mouth harp in a pocket or neck brace.
The park filed with a vast assortment of people, but Charlie gravitated to musicians, spending most of his time with the conga drummers.  If he liked someone, he brought them to meet me, or moved us to their spot.  this particular Saturday morning, only the families were there, tents up, homemade standards flying.  There were ten to a dozen of them.  He rarely visited the families.  They struck him as strange.  But once the tables had been set up, Charlie found nothing to do.  The conga drummers hadn't arrived, and the crowd was disappointingly sparse.
"Curiosity ain't killed this cat," he'd say as he kissed me good-bye before wandering the park.  "I got nine lives and always landed on my feet."
He returned a couple of hours later, ecstatic, urging me to hurry, pack up the babies and the 12-string.  He had discovered a kindred spirit.  The man led a family that was virtually all female.  He was also a songwriter and was trying to learn how to play the guitar well enough to perform his own music.  He was looking for someone tolerant enough to jam with him.  Not only that, he like to 'debate politics,' enjoying talk hard and fast.  They liked one another instantly.  the man was short, White and 'a righteous brother.'  Best of all they were both named Charlie.  Blushing, he confessed they had shared the peace pipe.
We walked to the tent.  My Charlie introduced us.  Manson's eyes glittered when he looked up at me.  I was not what he expected.  I was darker than assumed, a full head taller and outweighed him by eighty pounds.  Charles was not the type Charlie was usually drawn to.  His angular face and sable shoulder-length hair, gave him the look of a shrunken, wily-eyed Christ.  We shook hands, his bony grip firm.  We went outside and Charles helped us set our belongings near the tent.  The girls were 'off and around,' and the two Charlie's wasted no time resuming their talk.  I was not able to sit idly by and listen.  I joined in, keeping one eye on the children, breaking from the conversation only to feed them and change diapers.  We chewed over such issues as the Warren Commission report on the death of JFK, voters rights, Mao, Castro and Che.  When the talk turned to music, I excused myself while the two Charlie's studied lead sheets.
As our afternoon wound to a close, Charles noticed I was carrying my volume of Nietzsche and asked if he could see it.  He thumbed through it and asked if he could borrow it.  I made him swear an oath to give it back.  He kept his word.  But when he returned it two weekends later, he had questions.  Didn't I realize that what Nietzsche wrote wasn't intended for the likes of me?   Especially the part about a race of supermen?  As a Negro wasn't I offended by Nietzsche?  My Charlie chimed in.  And it wasn't long before we got around to one of the two Charlie's favorite topics, if for different reasons- race war.
I eloquently parroted the going militant rhetoric.  This amused Charles.  He asserted he wasn't a racist, but a realist, and bluntly dismissed my arguments for Black revolution as ludicrous.  Charlie idolized John Brown, the song and the man.  His contribution to the argument centered around Brown's attack on Harper's Ferry- that Whites could and would one day lead Blacks into armed struggle, that struggle would be integrated.  Charles Manson turned his illustration around as evidence for his assertion that legions of Blacks did not rise up to join Brown because they couldn't.  Negroes had been whipped, co-opted and cowed by slavery.  Blacks would never rise up against Whites, if history were any witness.  They loved Whites too much.  Denmark Vesey was the exception, not the rule.  Manson maintained that if any cultural revolution- or revolution of any kind- was to take place in the U.S., only Whites could defeat Whites because Blacks- if Martin Luther King were any example- did not have the guts or the intelligence to lead either an armed or organized resistance.  Whites would have to do it for them.
I immediately dropped my third of the argument, took my Nietzsche and retired to the blanket with the babies.  Early in our encounter, Charles had suggested that I check out his women.  Two of the dazed-eyed naiads took me by the arm and led me to the women's quarters.  Curious, I made an attempt.  they liked playing with our kids.  But I could not connect.  We had nothing in common.  Their sole interest was their reverence for their Charlie.  They spent hours discussing his needs, wants and lessons.  Otherwise, they seemed spaced out, or high- flitting about without ambition or purpose.  I had no experience with the drug culture and no way of understanding who they were.
Charles repeatedly invited us to visit Spahn Movie Ranch.  Things were extremely tough for us.  Life was love-filled but terrible.  Charlie couldn't get a decent job to keep one and I couldn't get work because of my inexperience, pregnancies and color.  We lived on public assistance, between any odd job he could get.  We drove old clunkers for as long as we could keep them running.  We always needed money, and Manson was eager to involve Charlie in a couple of schemes.  One Saturday morning, Charlie accepted Manson's offer and went out to Chatsworth.  I stayed with the children, fingers crossed.
Charlie was gone virtually the entire day and returned after sunset without a dime.  I had been worried.  When he came in he looked haggard, hands in his pockets.  He stood in the doorway, in his denim jacket and jeans, lamb's wool cap tilted slightly forward on his forehead.  I was eager to hear the news.  What kind of job was it?
"Sweetheart," he said solemnly.  "Those are some baaad people."
The 'job' had involved auto theft.
Charlie was proud of his outlaw status as a renegade civil rights worker.  But he was not a criminal.  He had walked away from Charles Manson without ever looking back.  He was twenty-six, going on twenty-seven and I was twenty-one.  Within the year, our relationship, too, would end."
"There are the terrible ones who carry about in themselves the beast of prey, and have no choice except lusts or self-laceration.  And even their lusts are self-lacerations"- Nietzsche.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Tate Murders were a False Flag?

Wow.  This is an 84 page pdf FULL of photos, and text to say that the murders never really happened.  They were staged.

Tex is really CIA and only "shows" up every few years to play his part in the parole hearings.
Susan Atkins was also CIA
Penny Daniels interview was a "flying farce" (I'll need to call Penny and alert her)
Ken Anger - also CIA and Aes-Nihil may be Ken Anger (I don't think I'll call Jon to alert him)

and the biggest - (to me)…. Patty Tate was really Sharon Tate. And that there is no real government record of Patty's birth or death.

There is MUCH more. Reminds me of a book review we once did...

Friday, September 19, 2014

New Light Shed on Long-Sealed Tex Watson Manson Tapes

Tom O'Neill on

Leslie Van Houten's attorney says he will consider 
subpoenaing the tapes before her next parole hearing!

A year after obtaining audio recordings that had been out of reach for four decades, LAPD is keeping a tight lid on details of what exactly was said by Tex Watson, convicted killer and then member of the infamous Charles Manson murder cult.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Whatever the new information on the tapes is, it must be persuasive..."


Why doesn't Los Angeles law enforcement want to reveal what’s on the
45-year-old Tex Watson tapes — and why isn’t the press reporting it?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Rosina Kroner

Earlier this summer I was watching the news and there was a big story about the rain that hit the San Francisco Bay Area.  We very rarely get rain in the summer.  Anyway, who should they happen to interview for the story? 

Rosina Kroner!!! 

Yes, Tex Watson's girlfriend who was loosely connected to the shooting of  Lotsapapa  by Charles Manson.  She is being interviewed at her stand in the town of Bodega where she sells goods on the weekend.  The TV station misspelled her last name but if you Google the correct spelling you will find a listing for her and her shop in Bodega.

Sandy, Ivan and Squeaky

Do these two women not look as pious as Sunday school teachers?  They look so crisp and white that it's hard to imagine that they were able to live in the filth of the ranches and eat out of dumpsters.  Sandy is even sitting on a towel so that her dress doesn't get soiled!  But I guess that's the point of having this picture taken, they weren't a bunch of dirty slippies.  Yeah, right.....

The earliest date on the back of this photo, taken in Independence, is December 8, 1969.

Photo added by Cuntry Trash :
This was in Independence, for sure, at the motel across the road from the court house. Here is a pic of the area I took from the front lawn of the court house.

Candy and Nuts also sent us these photos.
It looks like they were taken on the court date in Independence.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Charles Manson's Never Going To Be Free

It's hard to imagine that anyone in prison who says the things that Manson does truly wants to ever be released.  It seems to me, from the beginning of the end of Manson's days of freedom in the world, he has done nothing positive that would allow him to walk the streets as a free person ever again.  He has said that he can not live in our world with our rules, he has said that he would rather stay in prison.  His actions reflect that this is so.

People like Star and her ilk claim that Manson was unjustly convicted, he should not be in prison because he killed no one.  Their protests to Manson's incarceration appear to be at odds with his own wish to stay in prison.  Why do folks like Star champion a cause that even the "cause" does not want for himself?   I do think that Manson enjoys being a twisted martyr to those that worship him.  He enjoys the fame that the murders have brought him.  It's a fame that he could not have achieved by becoming a recording artist because he would have had to really work at it, and let's face it, Manson is a lazy person who never worked for anything in his life.

And, maybe, just maybe, Manson's desire for fame and martyrdom was a part of the underlying motive for the murders in the first place, kind of a sub-motive that nobody knew about but him.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bobby BeauSoleil Butchers "Angel"

Bobby Beausoleil has recorded a cover of Sarah McLachlan's song "Angel." I'm not going to say much about it, except......(IMO) he really should of learned a trade in prison, like welding, or commercial house painting, or something, because there is no way in hell he could be released from prison, and make a living as a singer. Apparently, there are others that share that same sentiment. I will quote California BPH Deputy Commissioner James Martin, who stated at Mr. Beausoleil's last hearing, which was held in 2010:
"Mr. Beausoleil, I find that your parole plans are unrealistic, and almost completely insufficient. Several places in your materials, you describe yourself as an artist, and you've told the Board today, and in the materials that you've submitted, that you're a videographer, a composer of music, an artist. This member of the Board doesn't think those are the sort of solid, reliable skills that you can bank on. I noted that you almost dismiss your skills and training in electronics, printing, and sheet metal. Those aren't the things you want to do, it sounds like to me. Well, sir, it is likely that your life after prison will not be about performing, and glamour. It will take effort, and thoughtful stradegy for you to survive, and I don't believe you've made enough planning in those regards. Your past public figure status, your pursuits with music, those memories you have of playing with certain bands, that's not going to serve you in the future, and it's not realistic to think that it will."
Listen to Bobby BeauSoleil's rendition of "Angel" here:

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Death Penalty and the Fairness of California's Parole System

With Deb the Chief Assassin's help I was able to find the identity of another woman who was on death row in CA at the same time as the Manson Girls.

Her name is Linda Lee Haines. Below is a little insight into Haines, who in 1970 murdered a 33 year old mother of 5 children. Why? Because Linda was having an affair with her husband and wanted her out of the way. Like Susan, Patricia and Leslie she had a taste for the macabre:

Like Susan, Patricia and Leslie, Linda Lee Haines was sentenced to die in California's gas chamber. And like Susan, Patricia and Leslie she also had a flair for courtroom antics:

Like Susan, Patricia and Leslie, Linda Lee Haines's death sentence was commuted to life when the United States Supreme Court temporarily set aside the death penalty in 1972.

But unlike Susan, Patricia and Leslie Linda Lee Haines was eventually paroled. All four women were sentenced to die in California's gas chamber. Haines was freed. Susan, Patricia and Leslie, not so much.

We have verified that Linda Lee Haines now lives in CA under a different name and from all we can see lives a comfortable middle class life at age 67.

Why was Haines granted parole when the Manson girls weren't? Is it that some murderers -- that is, the ones who aren't famous -- are much more easily pardoned? Thoughts?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Today in Manson history - President Ford escapes assassination attempt

On this day (September 5, 1975) in 1975, President Gerald R. Ford survives an attempt on his life in Sacramento, California.

The assailant, a petite, red haired, freckle-faced young woman named Lynette Fromme, approached the president while he was walking near the California Capitol and raised a .45 caliber handgun toward him. Before she was able to fire off a shot, Secret Service agents tackled her and wrestled her to the ground. Seventeen days later, another woman, Sarah Jane Moore, a mentally unstable accountant, tried to assassinate Ford while he was in San Francisco. Her attempt was thwarted by a bystander who instinctively grabbed Moore's arm when she raised the gun. Although she fired one shot, it did not find its target. The bystander, a former Marine and Vietnam veteran named Oliver Sipple, was publicly thanked by Ford three days later.

Lynette Fromme, nicknamed "Squeaky," was a member of the notorious Charles Manson family, a group of drug-addled groupies who followed cult leader Manson. Manson and other members of his "family" were convicted and sentenced to prison for murdering former actress Sharon Tate and others in 1969. Subsequently, Fromme and other female members of the cult started an order of "nuns" within a new group called the International People's Court of Retribution. This group terrorized corporate executives who headed environmentally destructive businesses. Fromme herself was still so enamored of Manson that she devised the plot to kill President Ford in order to win Manson's approval.

Fromme was convicted of attempted murder and was sentenced to life in prison in West Virginia. She escaped in 1979, but was caught within 25 miles of the prison. Strangely, Ford's second would-be assassin, Moore, was imprisoned in the same facility and escaped in 1989. She turned herself in two days later and, like Fromme, was transferred to a higher-security penitentiary. Both women remain incarcerated today.

After Fromme's assassination attempt, Ford stoically continued on to the Capitol to speak before the California legislature. The main topic of his speech was crime.

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Another Sharon Tate Documentary

I was looking around YouTube, and found a German-made documentary called "Too Young To Die: Sharon Tate" which was more focused on Sharon than on the Manson Family. Sharon looked so, damn incredibly beautiful in some of the shots of her. Oh course, I have never seen a bad shot of Sharon Tate. That woman was made for the camera! Also, Elke Sommer made an appearance in it, and proceeded to call Roman Polanski a "real bastard" which I thought was a wonderful adjective to use. Oh, and......another revelation from Debra Tate, who, by the way has gorgeous hair in this documentary:

Monday, September 1, 2014

Bigger Than the Beatles (2015)

The story of Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys and how he found an intense singer/songwriter who he introduced to Hollywood. This musician was sure that one day he's be a household name. That musician did find fame, but not for his music... because that musician was Charles Manson. This project stems from our short film, "LIE" which was done for the Atlanta History Center and Minnesota Historical Society. The film was reviewed by historians and won the 1968 Film Competition's "Revelation Award" for revealing "unknown" history about what occurred in 1968.

 Thanks, goomba!