Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tex Watson's College Yearbook from North Texas State

After high school, Charles Watson briefly attended North Texas State University.

Will You Die For Me Pg 18-19:
Denton,  Texas, was  only fifty miles  from  Copeville, but it meant being on my own. North Texas  State University  was  attended  mainly by  people  with  country Texas backgrounds  a  lot  like  mine,  but  it  was away from  home. It was September,  1964,  and I was  going to be Joe  College. My  parents  expected great things from me after all, hadn't I graduated from Farmersville High with honors?
But just like everything else, he screwed it up:
Part of  the  fraternity  initiation was a scavenger hunt.  It was more than  a game;  your  being pledged depended  on  getting every item  on  the  list.  And PKA tradition  made  it clear  that there  was more  than one acceptable  way to pick up  what you needed. My partner  and I  had to find,  among other things,  four typewriters.  Through  the  beer-soaked  fog that  traditionally  surrounded  events like  this,  I  remembered the typing class at Farmersville High  School,  with  row on row of  battered Royals. Getting them was easy — break the glass,  open the  door,  giggle  a lot,  and shush  each  other  boozily. It seemed extremely funny. The next day,  with  a throbbing hangover,  four  typewriters, and  the certainty of  being caught,  it seemed extremely stupid.

Rather  than have them  find  out  from  someone else, I  went  to my parents  myself. They took it hard, and as we  drove into McKinney, the  county seat, to talk to a lawyer,  I fumed to myself  that they couldn't have been any more upset if  I'd committed murder.

He did stay enrolled long enough to get his photo into the 1965 Yearbook. Here is an actual copy owned by blog reader Logan:

Thanks, Logan!