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Update~ The Manson File: Myth & Reality of an Outlaw Shaman

I would like to thank you guys for mentioning on your website Nikolas' new revised edition of  "The Manson File: Myth & Reality of an Outlaw Shaman." I noticed a lot of confusion pertaining to the translation of the review from Metal Impact & exactly where to order etc... & If I may, I would like to provide for you the correct translation of the review & ordering info for the Signed Limited English Edition of The Manson File: Myth & Reality of an Outlaw Shaman ..... The book has not had one single bad review to date!
Nikolas & Zeena are both very grateful for all the interest & all the support given.
Thanks again Eviliz!
This limited English 2011 Apocalypse Edition of the new, expanded, and revised new, expanded, and revised ~
The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman is signed by author Nikolas Schrecand by artist of the book's illustrations Zeena Schreck.  Only 169 copies of this advanced edition will be made available.

Summing up 25 years of Nikolas Schreck’s research into the Charles Manson phenomenon, this Book of Revelations illuminates unknown dimensions of Manson as philosopher, musician, Gnostic mystic, Mafia fall guy, revolutionary, and friend, lover and drug dealer to 1960s Hollywood’s best-known rock stars and movie idols.  The first comprehensive study of Manson’s life, times, crimes, and thought, this is the ultimate guide to the Manson mysteries, portraying the human being behind the media-created monster masks.
Drawing on police evidence suppressed during Manson’s trial, Schreck exposes the "Helter Skelter" legend as one of the twentieth century’s greatest cover-ups, unveils the hidden Mafia drug-dealing background of the "Manson murders" and traces the underworld connections linking the victims to their killers. The author’s recent conversations with Manson and others directly involved in the psychedelic era’s apocalypse allow the true story kept secret for decades to be told at last.....

Four Star Review of Nikolas Schreck’s The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman(2011) from Metal Impact (France)  
"The Manson File, as brought to you now by Camion Noir, is much more than a revised and expanded edition of Nikolas Schreck’s "The Manson File," which appeared in the late 80s. Former RADIO WEREWOLF member, Schreck has never ceased to try to establish the truth about the 'Manson Family', and the grotesque fraud of the trial of leading Spahn Ranch figures, conducted, it should be remembered, in the absence of Manson, whose choice to serve as his own legal representative was denied numerous times by the court ...The book’s sheer number of pages might dissuade the potential reader. And when you immerse yourself in the narration of facts, it becomes impossible to deny them. If the proponents of the hackneyed Helter Skelter theory have preferred from the outset to focus on a small group of culprits, the affair of the Tate/LaBianca killings is shown here to have involved a huge number of direct and indirect protagonists, many of whom were illustrious figures of the dying sixties scene. But the main responsibility for this hypocrisy that the American justice system has called a "trial" for four decades, is without a doubt Vincent Bugliosi, who masterfully played this parody knowing he was cast in the best role.... Far from trying to make a martyr of him, and far from trying to present him as a saint sacrificed on the altar of dissimulation, he is content to present him just as he is, with all of his philosophies and his contradictions, as the criminal/ philosopher he has always been. As one who has communicated many times with the most famous prisoner in America , he knows who he’s dealing with, and does not disguise his thoughts to give birth to an uproarious and highly praiseworthy work. After reading this book, we’ve encountered a Manson who is always funny, annoying, disturbing, contradictory, but above all fascinating. The man who could have been a beacon of freedom in thought and action ended up imprisoned for life because of meeting the wrong people at the wrong time. ... The Manson File is divided into several sections, distinct but complementary. Charlie is presented in turn as an influential musician of integrity, a shaman as defined by authentic Indian cultures, but also as a criminal who has spent more time in prison than in freedom, and never felt as safe - physically and intellectually – as in that cell. Schreck puts center stage the real culprits of the case, the demented Charles "Tex" Watson, who has become a repentant "good Christian" supported tooth and nail by a procession of fans, star hairdresser and notorious drug dealer Jay Sebring and his friend / sidekick / nemesis "Voytek" Frykowski, friend to Roman Polanski, the husband of the late Sharon Tate, and especially updates the tenuous links between Hollywood, the Mafia, the American prison system, the Pentagon, the CIA, and U.S. Secret Service. What might seem from afar to be yet another conspiracy theory as seen from outside proves entirely credible in these pages and sends shivers down your spine. Thus, the comparison between the mock trial of the Cielo Drive murders and the catastrophic Warren Commission Report is logically proven as a concealment of facts that can on no account be revealed to the light of day. That The Manson File names Dennis Wilson, Sammy Davis Jr., Kenneth Anger, Mama Cass or Anton LaVey is not especially surprising. More so is the appearance of Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy, "Lucky" Luciano, Jean Harlow or JFK. And the strength of this book is that it manages to establish these connections between these different figures as distant by their rank as their spatiotemporal situation, without falling into the lowest kind of grotesque sensationalism. And once the big picture is put together, the evidence is shown all too clearly to the reader. ... Please note, I am not saying here that we must accept all of Nikolas Schreck’s arguments and conclusions, and it will suit each reader to form his own opinion. But after forty years spent swallowing the "politically correct" versions offered up the former protagonists of the case, whether defendants, prosecutors, former cops and even simple figures of the establishment at the time, The Manson File’s luxurious "Apocalypse Edition" comes like a breath of fresh air, and most importantly, a door to a truth ... This detailed study, which is never content with a simple surface survey, or a simple research work on materials already available, scrapes tirelessly into the deepest reaches of Hollywood's second Golden Age ... Read The Manson File ..."

To order

Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman

by Nikolas Schreck
see the NEWS section of

The Nirvana Connection: Sound City Studios in Van Nuys

"Convicted mass murderer Charles Manson, who at one point had rock aspirations, recorded demos there (at Sound City Studios) a year before Tom (Skeeter) became involved with the operation."

Located at 15456 Cabritos Road in Van Nuys, Sound City is also where Nirvana recorded their grunge masterpiece "Nevermind." The very last album to be recorded there was by the band Everclear. Tom Skeeter and crew is giving up after 40 years in business; the full article can be viewed here:

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Twitter All Atwitter about Troy, Casey, Charlie

Revatron wrote early this morning that "Charles Manson is trending right now on Twitter. People are comparing him to Troy Davis who is being, or has been, executed some time tonight? Don't know too much about it."

Here is a link to a conservative site that delves into a very interesting back story that has come about spontaneously in reaction to the exectuion of Troy Davis. Thanks for the heads up, Rev:

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You decide

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Tom Harrigan and William Doyle

After being asked to leave

1459 North Kings Road
(you asked Matt)

After being asked to leave Mama Cass's house, this is where Harrigan and Doyle moved to. Pic Dawson was also living here with Harrigan and Doyle.


"Terrance Cooksley, an 18 year-old houseboy at the Kings Rd. address remained high for at least the month of February on cocaine supplied bt Harrigan and Doyle. Sometime in March, he stole the $6,000 that Doyle and Harrigan had made. He frequented miscellaneous discotheques in the Los Angeles area and spent the money freely or gave it away in the form of large tips to various waiters. Doyle and Harrigan followed him to Stockton, California where they knocked him around and threatend him. They told him to keep his mouth shut and left Cooksley then returned to Los Angeles, and in mid March, Doyle and Harrigan took Cooksley, bodily, from the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. they rode around in the Hollywood hills, with Harrigan driving. Doyle was in the back seat beating Cooksley with a hammer handle. Harrigan stated it appeared that Cooksley liked the beating and, therefore, they stopped. A crime report was taken, however, Cooksley gave misleading statements and information and there was no prosecution. He did describe Harrigan and Doyle to his father as a vicious persons and probably hired killers."

"Doyle and Harrigan became quite friendly with Frykowski and Folger. This was mainly due to the fact that Frykowski was interested in the known drugs on the market, in addition to future synthetic drugs that were being made in eastern Canada. Doyle and Harrigan told Frykowski that they would obtain the new synthetic drug, MDA, from Canada and allow him to be one of the first to try it. This conversation or agreement apparently took place sometime in the early part of July, 1969, at the Polanski home."

"William Doyle, Tom Harrigan, Pic Dawson, John Deturo, Charles Tacot, Ben Carruthers, Cass Elliot, Witold Kaczanowski, along with several other narcotics users, were frequent visitors and party goers at the Polanski residence."

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"Get On Home" sung by members of the Manson Family

Seriously ~ WTF Is Wrong With People?

Two men accused of driving around with a dead friend and using his ATM card to withdraw $400 at a strip club are charged with abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation, the Associated Press reports.

According to the arrest affidavit, Robert Jeffery Young, 43, and Mark Rubinson, 25 went out for one last night of fun with the deceased Jeffrey Jarret on the night of Aug. 27.

The Denver Post reports that Jarret, while still living, had invited a financially struggling Young, an old friend from Colorado State University, to stay with him until Young caught a break. But on the night of Aug. 27, Young arrived at Jerret's Denver home to find him unresponsive. Instead of calling 911 to help Jarret (Jarret may or may not have been dead at that point), Young took Jarret's unresponsive body and went to the restaurant where Rubinson worked.

That's when the bizarre real-life version of the movie "Weekend at Bernie's" party began for Young and Rubinson.

7News reports that Young and Rubinson put Jarret's body in the back seat of their car and went on an eating and drinking spree at multiple Denver restaurants and bars including Teddy T's Bar and Grill and Sam's No. 3. The two suspects then went back to Jarret's home and dropped off his body, but they took Jarret's bank card and headed to Shotgun Willie's, a Denver-area strip club, and stayed until the club closed.

Finally after leaving the strip club, around 4 a.m. the two flagged down a Glendale cop and told him that their friend was back at his house and that he might be dead, Fox31 reports.

It's unclear how Jeffrey Jarrett died, but the men are not charged in his death, according to the Associated Press. Robert Jeffrey Young and Mark Rubinson are free on bond but they couldn't be reached for comment Thursday.

From The Huntington Post September 17, 2011

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Willett Pot Still Reserve Taste Test

Patty has been thinking an awful lot about James Willett. When Liz posted the info about his family's distillery, Patty got curious and ordered a bottle of Willett Pot Still Reserve from Bev Mo with some gift certificates she'd been sitting on.

As you can see from the photo, the 750mL bottle is hand numbered. For $47 plus tax and shipping, The Pattys received bottle 127 of 266 out of barrel 147 delivered right to their front door. "Let's do a taste test," Patty said. In simpler times, Mr. Patty was a bartender and amateur sommalier. He also brews his own beer and is told that he is pretty good at it. "Educate me," Patty said.

From the bar, Mr. Patty retrieved three other kinds of Kentucky or Tennessee whiskey that is known collectively as bourbon: Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's and Gentleman Jack. Patty asked if she could taste on the rocks but Mr. Patty scoffed, so she did it the real way.

BEAM. What you would call "hot" because you can really taste the alcohol. If you swish it, sniff it, hold it on your tongue and savor the finish, you get oak, butterscotch, caramel, and a super sweet finish. "Blech," Patty said.

JACK. Not nearly as "hot" as the Beam: rounder, tastes like oranges and cloves.

GENTLEMAN JACK. A fanicer version of the standard stuff and definitely much finer. Again Patty got orange, but this time with caramel, molasses and a soft wood finish. Not bad! But still, not great.

WILLETT. THIS STUFF IS THE SHIT. At 47% alcohol instead of the standard 40%, not only can you get your buzz on quicker, but it is smooth, rich and silky. There are caramel and vanilla notes and a tart, dry woody finish possibly due to the higher proof. It's the finish that makes this stuff so astounding. For a good ten minutes, Patty's mouth sang with complex layers of flavor that only became more pleasant as the burn wore off. In fact, Patty let out a huge belch about 15 minutes after that was freaking delicious. Mr. Patty sat there looking like the cat who ate the canary. "Good?" Patty asked him. "Mmmmm hmmmmmmm" is about all he could manage with his mouth full. "I wouldn't send it back."

So in short, even those of you who do not necessarily like bourbon might enjoy this. If you do know your bourbon, definitely pick up a bottle, and like the Patty's, be sure to toast James, Lauren and Heidi.


Wow-check out this version.

"If Bobby Beausoleil had simply told the truth and told his attorney that he had killed Gary Hinman because he had been coerced into killing him by Danny Decarlo, Bobby Beausoleil would have been out of prison 30 years ago."


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Lifetime Achievement Award for Roman

GENEVA (AP) — Organizers say director Roman Polanski will attend this month's Zurich Film Festival to accept the lifetime achievement award intended for him two years ago.

Festival spokesperson Claudia Wintsch confirmed Thursday he will be present at the Sept. 27 tribute ceremony but would provide no more details.

The Oscar-winning director was freed in July 2010 from house arrest when Switzerland's government refused to extradite him to the United States where he faces charges of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

Polanski also served two months in prison as the Swiss government pondered his extradition.

Polanski's movements are restricted by an Interpol warrant in effect in 188 countries, but he moves freely between Switzerland and France.

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A view from 3-Star Enterprises

3-Star Enterprises, Bryan Lukashevsky,

This is the Bernard Crowe shooting location at Rosina Kroner's apartment, 6933 Franklin Avenue Hollywood. The above image was taken from the apartment complex that Manson was supposedly running 3-Star Enterprises from and was arrested at in 1959. Yes, these locations are that close!

Rosina Kroner's apartment was about where the storage container is. The Magic Castle is in the background. This is where Crowe was shot by Charles Manson. With Crowe when he was shot, was a guy named Bryan Lukashevsky. Oddly enough, Bryan was arrested with the family at Spahn's Ranch during the raid on 9/16/1969. Tex mentions that the apartment had a view of the driveway of the Magic Castle next door. Below, you can see Kroner's apartment complex and the Magic Castle. The complex was demolished in 1978. All that remains are the Palm trees.

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Shopping Anyone?

We are all about free advertising.
Hello! I wanted to reach out to you to let you know we just launched a campaign to raise money to release a record of unreleased Charles Manson music! We have access to 90 minutes of never before heard music, we just need to raise a little money to make it happen, so we're selling copies of the vinyl and other various prizes on this website,check it out, post it, forward it to other friends and tell them to repost it, please help spread the word so we can make this happen! Thanks so much!


End of Summer Pool Party Raffle

Pool at Myers Ranch

Pool at Barker Ranch

As the end of summer has arrived we here at Eviliz are holding a raffle to win THE ultimate "First Annual Eviliz Nude End of Summer Pool Party." All expenses paid for by us. Well, as long as Matt has not run his hands through the petty cash drawer again.

Eviiz Inc. will be providing all the necessary fixins for a kick ass party. A few kegs of beer, some cheap boxed wine, weed, LSD, hot dogs, hamburgers and of course for our vegan friends, veggie burgers.

Yes you may bring your significant others, children, immediate family, friends and dogs.
Bring an instrument so we can all jam out around the fire at night. Patty and Eviliz have invested in mandolin lessons for the occasion. We also ask that everyone bring one blunt wrap, and one side dish or dessert.

There can only be one winner but almost everyone from the blog is invited. Watch your snail mail for the invitation. If you don't receive your invite by September 16th, it means we don't like you, but tolerate your presence.

The winner will be given the choice of two locations for the shindig. Barker Ranch or Myers Ranch.
Remember it is a nude pool party. Ken our paparazzi will be trying out his newest digital camera. Which means, photos will be taken. Make sure your "downstairs" is in picture taking order.
And as always, there is a catch.

The catch- You must bring one Manson Family member with you as a guest. Oh, and if you choose Myers Ranch as the location and Cappy as your guest, leave your Grandma at home. I am not sure which Family member I will be bringing yet. Tentatively Clem, if he is not busy playing a gig somewhere. LOL. Which Family member will you be bringing?

Guerneville, CA: In Search of James Willett (Part 5)

Above: headstone of James Willett's parents in Bardstown, Kentucky

Readers: we are coming to the end of our exploration of the murder of James Willett in Guerneville. We saw where his body may have been found, and where it was initially taken to be identified and prepared for burial. James Willett is most certainly dead. Today, however, he lives on in the person of Heidi, who we understand reads the blogs. We wish her the best. This last article pulled from the Press Democrat deals with what became of Heidi when she was not yet a year old:


STOCKTON, Calif. (UPI) - The tiny daughter of a nomadic young couple gunned down after joining a group of ex-cons and "Manson girls" has been claimed by her grandparents in XXXX.

George XXXX of XXXX, Conn., a general foreman at a plant in New Haven, and his wife, Vera, said Wednesday they would fly here later this week to take custody of eight-month-old Heidi Willett.

The youngster was found Sunday in a house where police discovered the body of her mother, Lauren Olmstead Willett, 19, in the basement and arrested two men and three women for her murder.

The child's father, Marine combat veteran James T. Willett, 26, was shot to death a month ago and buried near the town of Guerneville, 100 miles northewst of here.

Willett's father, distillery president A. Thompson Willett of Bardstown, Ky., sad he and his wife discussed their grand-daughter's future with Lauren's parents and decided the Connecticut couple should adopt her because they had a smaller family.

Willett said his son's lifestyle bordered on "being a hippie," while his daughter-in-law, whom he met once, was a "quiet" girl who ran away from home in a dispute over continuing in school.

Authorities said Mrs. Willett and her daughter apparetly accompanied the three men charged with her husband's death to Stockton after his slaying. They all lived here in a two-bedroom home with three girls invlved in the cult of mass murderer Charles Manson.

And that, dear readers is the end of our story: an oft-overlooked chapter in the history of The Family that is obscure enough by now that today's editor of the Press Democrat for Guerneville was informed of the incident by doing a standard internet search on her town and stumbling upon earlier this week. James, you are gone, but you are not forgotten. Not here, not on our watch.

Eviliz replaced some names and addresses with "XXXX", out of respect that no one will bother the family of Lauren. If you remember, Heidi did contact us and post in the comments awhile back. She told us she is doing very well in life. We here wish her nothing but the best.

Charles Manson In His Own Words-Buy it on E-bay for $1.00.

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Willett Distillery

Just as Abigail Folger was to become the heir to the Folger Coffee empire.
Would James Willett have become the heir to his families distillery?  
  Click here for the history of Willett Distillery.

Shawn one of our researchers told me about the Willett Distillery quite some time ago.
Good think I tucked it away.

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Guerneville, CA: In Search of James Willett (Part 4)

By Wednesday, November 15, 1972 staff writer Bonny Saludes of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat had turned in the following article:

Willett Slayings: Did Wife See Husband Slain?

The slain wife of an ex-Marine whose headless body was found in a shallow grave in Guerneville last Wednesday may have witnessed her husband's killing and agreed to it.

That possibility is being discussed here as investigators evaluate statements of a confidential informant, who was instrumental in the identification of the Guerneville victim and the arrest of suspects in Stockton Sunday.

District Attorney John Hawkes said the ex-Marine, James Willett, 26, allegedly was shot by three members of a armed robbery ring to silence him on October 10.

There is speculation Willett's 19-year-old wife, Laurete (sic), was slain last weekend for a similar purpose.

Three men, Michael Lee Monfort, James Terill Craig, and William Merland Goucher Jr., were charged Monday with first-degree murder in the slaying of Willett, the son of a president of a Kentucky distillery.

Monfort, Craig and three women- Priscilla Copper, Nancy Pitman and Lynette Fromme- are charged with the murder of Mrs. Willett, whose body was unearthed from beneath a Stockton residence early Sunday morning. She reportedly was living in the house with the defendants.

At Hawkes' request at the time he filed the murder complaint, Municipal Court Judge Kiernan Hyland sealed the affidavit which the district attorney filed in support of the complaint.

The document gives details which led to the murder charge. Hawkes' written request to seal the affidavit stated it "contains material which cannot be released to the news media prior to trial of the case."

The Press Democrat has learned that by co-incidence, the confidential informer was reporting a body would be found in Guerneville about the same time an elderly man stumbled upon Willett's shallow grave on a mountain overlooking Guerneville last Wednesday.

About the time of Willett's death, it was learned, Willett reportedly wanted his wife and child disassociated from the alleged robbery ring and wanted her to go to another state.

The wife, however, wanted to continue her associations with the group.

Authorities say they have no evidence other than that indicating Mrs. Willett left the Guerneville area with the suspects on her own volition after her husband's death.

Miss Cooper told Stockton authorities Mrs. Willett was shot by Monfort while he was engaged in a modified version of russian roulette. She said the shooting was "accidental."

Authorities here are skeptical about that story and are wondering if Mrs. Willett was killed to silence her about her husband's death.

According to Hawkes, the robbery ring established headquarters at a Guerneville resort and allegedly went back and forth to Southern California, committing robberies. The four couples reportedly stayed at the resort for about a month.

Monfort, Craig, and Goucher probably will not be prosecuted in Sonoma County for the Willett slaying until well into next year, Hawkes said.

He said San Joaquin County District Attorney Joseph A. Baker told him he intended to prosecute the defendants in Stockton for the wife's murder before releasing them to Sonoma County for trial.

Hawkes said Goucher, who is not charged with the murder of Mrs. Willett, may be brought to Sonoma County sooner than the other two.

He is charged in Stockton with two counts of armed robbery and has already been bound over for trial after a preliminary hearing.

Goucher could be returned here shortly after the first of the year, Hawkes said.

The next scheduled appearance in Stockton for the other defendants is Nov. 28.

Believe it or not Eviliz readers, there is one last part of the Guerneville saga to come. Here's to hoping you are finding this as interesting as Patty does.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guerneville, CA: In Search of James Willett (Part 3)

The Pattys had learned from the Press Democrat that the body was found about a half mile south of town, near an old road, and on the side of a mountain. It seemed to Patty that the best place to start looking was on the western side of Mays Canyon Road, on the side of Neeley Hill which is the only thing resembling a mountain south of Guerneville. Mr. Patty made note of his odometer and at 0.5, they started to look carefully. Could this be “it?” The metal gate to the old road is covered in scratched-in graffiti and someone had come out and freshly chalked a big peace sign onto a cement barrier. This appears to be a place where, for some reason, people come and linger. Patty ill-advisedly ventured around the gate onto posted private property.
Further up the trail just out of sight of the main road and to the left was a large turnaround containing a rotting mattress. On the right, a carefully bouldered-off wash full of detritus in which a shallow grave could easily have been dug on short notice. Right next to this little wash, the side of Neely Hill jutting up and looking very mountainous, indeed from where Patty stood.

In brief, Patty cannot be sure that this is the exact spot where James Willett was found. If not, it is highly probable that this is the“old road” that the hiker was treading upon that day in 1972. The site was surely close to the road if an elderly man could distinguish a human hand from piles of twigs and sticks that you find in the forest.

If you are not yet convinced, had the Pattys driven much beyond this spot to the south they would have been out of range of the half mile estimate in The Press Democrat. If, however, one were allowed to drive this old road beyond the gate and to the west, it would sweep out a half-mile contour that would closely follow The Pattys' hand drawn map in Part 1 (see ).

For whatever it is worth to you, it felt right to Patty, so she paused a moment to think about the victim and his family. Wouldn't you?

But wait…that’s not all, there is more...seriously! Check back soon for more about the Willetts, The Family, and Guerneville.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Guerneville, CA: In Search of James Willett (Part 2)

It was not long before the authorities realized the Manson connection. The page one headlines of the Press Democrat on November 13, 1972 read:

Manson Family Linked to River Area Slaying

The slaying near Guerneville of a young Marine has touched off the arrest of two men and three female members of the Manson family in Stockton.

San Joaquin County authorities yesterday uncovered the body of Lauren Willett, the 19-year-old wife of James T. Willett, 26, whose body was found on a mountain south of Guerneville last week.

The body of the young woman, shot through the head, was found in a shallow grave in Stockton yesterday.

Sonoma County Attorney John Hawkes said he would file a murder charge today in connection with the Guerneville slaying.

San Joaquin County authorities said those arrested over the weekend in Stockton are being held as suspects in the slaying of the Willetts.

Willett’s body was found by an elderly hiker when the hiker saw the victim’s hand protruding from the ground.

San Joaquin investigators said the Marine’s wife had been buried one day. She had been killed by a .38 bullet through the head.

Authorities said the three women, arrested with the two men at a residence in Stockton yesterday, had scarred crosses on their foreheads – a mark that identified the women in the notorious southern California hippie family of Charles Manson.

Stockton police said they had arrested one of the suspects, Michael Monfort, 24, on Oct. 3 on charges of robbing a liquor store. He identified himself as Willett and later jumped bail.

Officers recaptured him Saturday and questioned him about having Willett’s identification.

Sonoma County detectives, however, were in Stockton Friday investigating certain aspects of Willett’s slaying.

Others arrested at a Stockton apartment were James Craig, 33, Priscilla Cooper, 21; Nancy Pitman, 24, and Lynette Fromme, 24.

Willett’s discharge papers were found in the residence, the officers said.

“These people travel – Los Angeles, Guerneville, Sonoma County, San Francisco, Stockton. The have no address,” said an officer.

DA Hawkes today said the sheriff’s office has placed holds on Monfort, Craig, and a third man, identified as William M. Goucher, 23.

Goucher was arrested with Monfort for the Oct. 3 robbery and has been in jail since.

He said he is withholding issuance of a murder complaint until completion of some last minute investigation in the Guerneville area by a sheriff’s detective.

Meanwhile, an official with the Department of Corrections said today Monfort and Craig are known to be members of the Aryan Brotherhood, a white racist cult of prison inmates which deals in murder contracts for profit.

At the time Monfort was arrested with Willett’s identification and stationwagon, officials said, he was wanted for escape from a state prison work camp.

Hawkes said today there is thus far no connection between the three women and the death of Willett in Guerneville.

In Guerneville, The Patties located the old Redwood Chapel at 14045 Mill St., which is now a county building of some sort:

James' body was likely brought to the lower level through these very doors. But, where was he found? Check back soon, there is much more to come.

1882 South Cochran Ave. Los Angeles

"My Prophecy upon this wasted earth and upon the corrupt creation that squats upon its ruined surface is:

from Jehovah on War
By Robert Degrimston aka Christ


"Around March 10, 1968, a convoy of seven Process automobiles containing thirty people and fourteen Alsatian dogs journeyed toward Los Angeles. The Process moved into the South Cochran house with all their dogs and their black turtle necks and black pants and black capes with pictures of the devil sewn on them."

Process Church Sabbath Assembly (excerpt)

Notorious Process Church comes out of hiding promoting the Feral House publication of LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH written by Timothy Wyllie (mainly) where ex-members finally tell their story. This is an excerpt of the Sabbath Assembly Ritual (and Salon) performed at Anthology Film Archives Oct. 4, 2009 with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge as the "Sacrifist."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guerneville, CA: In Search of James Willett (Part 1)

The idea was to get to the public library in Santa Rosa to view old Press Democrat on fiche by five on Friday. That would give Patty a full hour before closing to find the goods! The traffic gods were not with The Patties however and they arrived a mere fifteen minutes before closing. Due to not yet having eaten for the day, encountering an especially witchy librarian, and being distracted by the lights being switched on and off, Patty’s hands shook so badly she could not even thread the damn thing: it exploded into a puddle on the floor. “Patty needs a drink….NOW” she said to Mr. Patty on her cell.

Patty returned to the library on Saturday morning completely refreshed and relieved to find a much nicer librarian to help her find the following:

Body Found in Shallow Grave Near Guerneville

Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Wednesday, November 8, 1972

A badly decomposed body was found in a shallow grave yesterday atop a mountain about a half-mile south of Guerneville, acconding to Sonoma County Sheriff Don Striepeke.

Striepeke, who had deputies out last weekend digging for possible Hell's Angels' victims, declined to speculate today whether the unidentified body was involved with the motorcycle gang.

"We're not speculating on this at all," he said. "We haven't tied in anything with this body."

But the sheriff pointed out that the body was "clear across the county" from the Sonoma Valley area where deputies hunted unsuccessfully for buried remains last weekend.

Striepeke said his identification people returned to the grave today and were making a careful check of the area around it for evidence. He said deputies secured the area after the body was removed Tuesday night.

The grave was discovered by Robert W. Stevens, 71, who was hiking along an old road in the mountainous area when he saw a hand protruding from the ground, the Sheriff said.

Striepeke said identity of the body, which had apparently been buried several months, had not been established and it was impossible to say this morning whether it was male or female.

The clothing offered the best lead to officials trying to identify the person, he said.

Shortly after Stevens contacted deputies at the Guerneville sheriff's substation, Sgt. Joseph Aleksick went to the spot and confirmed the presence of the body, according to official information released about the discovery.

Striepeke, several members of his staff and Deputy Coroner Don Noriel worked several hours into the night exhuming the body.

It was taken to Guerneville Redwood Chapel where an autopsy will be performed today to determine, if possible, the cause of death, the sheriff said.

The only physical description authorities were able to provide was that the person appeared to be medium height and had dark hair.

Striepeke asked that anyone with information on someone wearing a Marine dress blue jacket to call his office at (

Over a cold pint of Pliny (the Elder), The Patties took a pencil to a mapquested aerial view of the area south of Guerneville:

And then, they were off. (More later: check back soon!)