Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lifetime Achievement Award for Roman

GENEVA (AP) — Organizers say director Roman Polanski will attend this month's Zurich Film Festival to accept the lifetime achievement award intended for him two years ago.

Festival spokesperson Claudia Wintsch confirmed Thursday he will be present at the Sept. 27 tribute ceremony but would provide no more details.

The Oscar-winning director was freed in July 2010 from house arrest when Switzerland's government refused to extradite him to the United States where he faces charges of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

Polanski also served two months in prison as the Swiss government pondered his extradition.

Polanski's movements are restricted by an Interpol warrant in effect in 188 countries, but he moves freely between Switzerland and France.


Cease2 said...

Deserved for Rosemary's Baby & Chinatown alone. Two of the best films (& best made films) of all time. RB just gets better with age aswell. Awesome filmmaking.

orwhut said...

Considering what happened last time, he'd be safer to have them mail the award to him.

eviliz said...

they forgot to include rape

LoLo said...

Drug & rape a kid, get a lifetime achievement award.

Ken619 said...

I think his achievment award should of been a "life time" in prison.

Anonymous said...

Lifetime achievement award for what? A coupleof decent movies? It is a sad state of affairs that we elevate a entertainer to such a high soap box. Maybe his achievment award should be for raping a child, and the most non normal reaction after being told your wife, child, and friends were savagely murdered, then posing for pictures for profit at the spot they died. He makes me sick, and shouldnt be awarded anything but a jail cell complete with a roomate named big ole Horse D*ck