Saturday, June 11, 2011

A response to the responses...

The "eviliz book offer" has generated a nice response, but most folks who blog, on any website, don't spend "any" money on learning more about what they are talking about. This is understandable because we all spend a great many years going to "Establishment" schools only to realize that we learned very little. At best we are "inspired" by a few teachers, but inspired to to what? If anything, the "teachers" only plant the establishment's "programs" in our vulnerable little brains. Then one day, an aware stranger comes along, recognizes the "program" planted in us and taps into it. Of course, any aware person can easily alter the program, already planted in the unaware person, or sometimes the "program" itself is not compatible with certain individuals and a genius / monster is created.

We'll spend a hundred bucks on dinner and a movie for two, in hopes of getting our genitals stimulated, but $100 to get your brain working? The establishment has taught us all that 12 years is enough, but if you go another 4-8 years to college you'll be set for life. Anyone care to reveal YOUR success story based on that theory?

Matt asked me to join your blog, so I read your responses and comments in connection with my book. Now what, you've ALL inspired ME to write a new book about what my response / comments would be?

Robert Hendrickson