Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Underworld Productions: New Manson Music

Patty Recently received the following email:

"Hello Patty, I'm a friend of CM.... my name is John Michael Jones (CM calls me.. Jon Jon). I wanted to give you guys a heads up, there will be a new record/album put out for CM's 79th birthday..... This release will be different than any other. This is the actual music CM has been searching for since early 1984. WE FOUND IT! more info can be found here."

If you have not been to Jon Jon's "Underworld Productions" page, check it out. He has a really interesting collection of Manson artwork, music and taped conversations a la Michael Channels.

Here's just a little taster: Patty hopes that he does not mind the screenshot hack job.

Maybe, if y'all are good, Patty will tell you her "Scorpion Story" one day. For now, Patty is still enjoying the ooEEoo.

PS: Jon Jon says that Manson's friends are quite familiar with the ooEEoo, but they call it "myme." Why does Patty like that part of this so much? Must be a brain tumor or something.