Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Underworld Productions: New Manson Music

Patty Recently received the following email:

"Hello Patty, I'm a friend of CM.... my name is John Michael Jones (CM calls me.. Jon Jon). I wanted to give you guys a heads up, there will be a new record/album put out for CM's 79th birthday..... This release will be different than any other. This is the actual music CM has been searching for since early 1984. WE FOUND IT! more info can be found here."

If you have not been to Jon Jon's "Underworld Productions" page, check it out. He has a really interesting collection of Manson artwork, music and taped conversations a la Michael Channels.

Here's just a little taster: Patty hopes that he does not mind the screenshot hack job.

Maybe, if y'all are good, Patty will tell you her "Scorpion Story" one day. For now, Patty is still enjoying the ooEEoo.

PS: Jon Jon says that Manson's friends are quite familiar with the ooEEoo, but they call it "myme." Why does Patty like that part of this so much? Must be a brain tumor or something.


LH said...

That picture sleeve is AMAZING!

Patty is Dead said...

Yeah, huh?

Unknown said...

Hi Mansonites and Mansonettes. I was flipping through a book on cults recently and noticed that the Manson entry has one eye-catching factoid:
'Today, in 1996, from the confines of prison, [Manson] writes songs and has launched a bizarre commercial-cum-atonement enterprise, an excercise video. According to his promoter, Fred Zalemond, it is an 'expression of Charlie's regret for the lives taken'. "Now," says Zalemond, 'he's saving lives by protecting people from heart attacks and strokes."'

The book is 'Cults: Prophecies, Practices and Personalities', and is one of those slim non-fiction hardbacks that lists a bunch of cults and cultists from history in 1-2pg entries. Even though it is apparently written by one Michael Jordan, an eminent basketballer, this means it is of questionable veracity (particularly since it plays up the whole 'Manson was a black magician/Satanist' schtick).

Still, I'm wondering if anyone else has ever heard anything about the Charlie's attempt to reinvent himself as a New Age Richard Simmons. True, bogus, or what? If it's real I demand a copy immediately, it would really spice up my daily jazzercise routine.


DebS said...

Sherm I don't know for sure if it's a spoof but I think it might be. When I googled Fred Zalemond I got only three hits. For someone who is suppose to be a fitness expert that's a pathetic number of hits.

I found this-

Mass Murderer Charles Manson Set to Launch Exercise Video by Kevin Creed/Weekly World News
CORCORAN, CALIF. - Exercise gurus Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons and Susan Powter will soon have some competition from a surprising source: Mass murderer Charles Manson!
Manson has been fighting the legal system for more than two years, trying to get The Total Body Prison Cell Workout, his 45-minute video tape, on the market.
Back in March 1996, Weekly World News broke the story of Manson's attempts to get the tape released. At that time, angry citizens and state authorities were attempting to halt the tape's release.
The video's promoter, fitness expert Fred Zalemond, has had an uphill fight in trying to get around the law forbidding convicts from profiting from their crimes. But he has finally found a loophole in the law and expects to get the
tape into stores in time for Christmas.
Zalemond, 34, says he's "disgusted" by his opponents' attempts to stop him. "All right, Charlie's not a nice guy," he says. "But he's very fit and he has something to share with out-of-shape Americans who have small homes or apartments and can't afford a membership to one of those expensive health clubs.
"Charlie shows you how to turn a tiny, limited space into a giant gym, using a system he developed over more than 30 years of prison experience. I think the tape has tremendous value."
The video, expected to retail for $29.95, features exercises to improve strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity.
Here are some of the moves, demonstrated on the tape by Manson himself and a bevy of attractive women called, "The New Family":
THE CREEPY-CRAWLY (for upper-body strength) --
Lie on your belly with your feet against one wall. Using only your elbows, move yourself to the far wall, then reverse the motion and move back.
THE HELTER-SKELTER (for cardiovascular fitness) --
Stand with legs 10 inches apart. Shift your weight quickly from one foot to the other and shake your head, arms and shoulders vigorously. Manson says the shaking is very important because it involves more muscle groups and gives you a total body workout.
THE SOLITARY STRETCH (for flexibility) --
Grab onto something solid on the wall -- Mason uses the bars of his cell -- and slowly "walk" your feet up the wall to your hands.
The convicted mastermind of the 1969 Tate-LaBianco slayings also offers specially improvised versions of standard exercises, using things in his cell such as his metal cot, sink and toilet.
"Charlie regrets taking those lives," says Zalemond.
"Now he's saving lives by protecting people from heart attack and stroke."

Unknown said...

He has one called "The Squeaky", too. You rub your belly vigorously to produce enough friction to melt fat.

Unknown said...

Thanks Deb, I have no idea why it never ocurred to me to check Google. It's a pity.. still, maybe I can pursuade my aerobics instructor to wear a false beard and call me "Piggy" in our next class.