Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bobby's Arrest Area

Approximate area Bobby was found napping on the side of the road in one of Gary's vehicles. Stupid Bobby.  Again thanks to Ken.  He knows I have a thing for Bobby and took this one picture special for me!

705 Bath St.

705 Bath Street in Santa Barbara CA. One of the first residences of Charlie, Mary and Lynette. Again, thanks to Ken. This is the house address printed on Charlie's drivers license from 1969.

Spiral Staircase / Snake Pit

The former location of the "Spiral Staircase House".  Thanks Ken.

Hinman House 2011

Gary Hinman's old residence 964 Old Topanga Canyon Road in Topanga CA, January 2011.  Thank you very much to fellow blog member/friend Ken for these pictures.

                                                   Parking area of the house

It appears that a lot of money, time and renovations have been put into the house.  It looks much better.

Gary's house in 1969

964 Old Topanga Canyon Road  inTopanga CA.  
Home to Gary Hinman as it looked in 1969.

The writing Bobby left inside on the wall.  It appears to be written low to the floor, right above the baseboard.  Was Bobby lying down when he wrote it?

The plan for this week-

 Remember when I posted that someone was going on a small excursion in Cali and asked for some suggestions on what to see and visit?

My friend Ken is back from that trip with some good pictures for us.  This week Matt (even though this is the first he is hearing about it) will be posting some of the pictures from Ken's trip. 

Panamint Patty also has some great pics from Barker Ranch.
She is getting her pictures in order to send for us as well. 
Dianne from the blog has also sent me pictures of Barker to post.    So that will be the "theme" for this up-coming week. 
If anyone else has any pictures to share, not just Barker's but anything- please e-mail them to me.  Don't forget to let
me know if you want to be credited or remain anonymous.

Manson Girls Movie Update

from Susanna Lo.

Get ready Sundance here we come.  Monday the 24th, watch "the girls"  singing live with The Doobies, interviews with Associated Press, and photos with Entertainment Weekly Sundance Photo Booth.  Tune in live at 12:30 Utah time on AP website or!

Up and running by Monday, January 24th
with exclusive videos and photos as the cast
gets ready for the big performance.  Tune in!

Susanna also told me that Taryn Manning
has replacedThora Birch to play the role of
Sandra Good.


                                                                                          taryn manning