Sunday, January 23, 2011

Manson Girls Movie Update

from Susanna Lo.

Get ready Sundance here we come.  Monday the 24th, watch "the girls"  singing live with The Doobies, interviews with Associated Press, and photos with Entertainment Weekly Sundance Photo Booth.  Tune in live at 12:30 Utah time on AP website or!

Up and running by Monday, January 24th
with exclusive videos and photos as the cast
gets ready for the big performance.  Tune in!

Susanna also told me that Taryn Manning
has replacedThora Birch to play the role of
Sandra Good.


                                                                                          taryn manning


St. Circumstance said...

disappointment- Thora Birch is a great actress.. I was really looking forward to seeing her in this- but still am excited for it...

Panamint Patty said...

Liz, if you get the chance, please ask Susanna who the "Alice Rainer" character is supposed to be? Is she a completely made up character, or a composite of other girls or...?

eviliz said...

Patty- i will add it to my list and try and find out.

i googled Laura Harring who is playing Alice and she is 46 years old. cant be one of the girls.
any ideas??