Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bobby's Arrest Area

Approximate area Bobby was found napping on the side of the road in one of Gary's vehicles. Stupid Bobby.  Again thanks to Ken.  He knows I have a thing for Bobby and took this one picture special for me!


St. Circumstance said...

Evil C- how many years would you have given up to have been in that sleeping bag in the back with him lol?????

Matt said...

Yeah Liz, with his matted hair, dirty fingernails, plaque ridden teeth and oh yeah, the bloody knife?

eviliz said...

ST- that depends, i would not be going to prison for him, nope! with my luck, it would have been "guilty by association"

even though it was the "60's" i would not agree to sharing my man with another other woman or man.
i am a one man woman and i expect my man to be a one woman kinda man.

though I DO KNOW FOR SURE if he did get some of my ~"evilove" ~
he would of become a one eviliz woman man. LuLu would have been quite upset- then we would have sent her your way.

if Lulu and Bobby met us first, we could have detoured their criminal ways i am sure of it! i might have joined in a few crimes, but nothing involing murder. you seem to be kinda staright edged, i doubt YOU would have partook in any crime related fun!

oh, you could of been our "linda", get away driver!

St. Circumstance said...


did you just politely call me a nerd??

I would drive getaway for you anytime :)

eviliz said...

no i said- straight edge. there is a diff. thought- NOT MUCH
<3 u

eviliz said...

Matt all he really needs is a good scrubbing with a wire brush.
AND- a tooth brush, tooth paste,
floss (for the plaque) and a State insurance dental plan. A very small investment really.

eviliz said...

b.t.w. Mat Saint,and all you other LuLu lovers- I recall Leslie looking mighty grimey and wild haired in a mugshot or two.

Bobby haters!!!!