Monday, April 15, 2019

Raw Footage of the President Ford Assassination Attempt

Here's another raw footage video from KCRA TV in Sacramento, this one is much longer than the previous video.  It, too, is a hodgepodge of clips but over all it is quite interesting.  There is a portion where President Ford gives a speech and commentary after that is terribly dry but once you get past that it's all Red and Blue.

There is footage where Lynette is interviewed in the Sacramento jail.  She is behind thick glass and speaking with two reporters at once with a phone receiver held up to each ear.  If you've wondered where this rather cartoonish still picture came from, now you know.

There is a bit of discussion about The Book Of The Dead with footage scanning portions of it.  There is an unfinished embroidered vest that was taken into evidence as well as other various items.

The landlord of Lynette and Sandy's P St. apartment is interviewed.  And there are interviews about Harold Boro, the man who owned the gun that Lynette used in the attempt.