Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dean Moorehouse's Mendocino County Probation Department Report

This report was made after Moorehouse was found guilty in the second jury trial held to determine his guilt or innocence for selling LSD.  The first trial ended in a hung jury. has excellent background on Moorehouse and how he became involved with the Family.  That information can be found HERE .  Among the information provided are some documents showing that Moorehouse could not have occupied the Cielo Drive house between the time that Candace Bergen and Terry Melcher lived there and Roman and Sharon signed a lease.  Bugliosi was flat out wrong when he stated this in his book and it seems to be one of the harder rumors to quash.  Moorehouse was sent to prison January 2, 1969, the day after Bergen and Melcher moved out!

Dean Moorehouse, last known photo