Sunday, August 21, 2011


The Rudy Weber house
9870 Portola Dr. Beverly Hills

The ONLY reason this house is connected to the most publicized murder in History, is because the hose was laying in the driveway. I mean, if you lived in this house, would you still leave the hose laying there like this? I guess you have better odds of being struck by lightning twice, than having blood drenched killers stop by to get a drink from your hose twice.

Who cares about finding the motive, I need to figure out how in the hell they turned that car around. I drove a Ford Ranger up this street and it wasn't easy making a u-turn without hitting something. Portola Dr. is an alley at best and turning a 1959 Ford Fairlane around seems to me would be almost impossible. Below is Portola Dr. in front of the Weber house and possibly where the killers parked.

Today in Manson History - August 21

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