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Updates-books and movies

1.) Robert Hendrickson contacted me today
with an update on his book. They have selected a title to incorporate into the cover design and, the finished product will be going to the printers next week or so. I asked him if he would tell me the book's title and I am waiting to hear back from him.

2.) Sussana Lo contacted me today also. I made an error in reporting the filming location and date. Here is the update from Sussana. I am impressed-she read the blog and the question section I put up. I didn't think she really would come visit.

Hi Liz,

Thanks for the post on your blog. Only one small point, we're shooting in Los Angeles in April, not Louisiana in February. Thanks!

Regarding "middle age" actors - Dan Velez and Sherrie Henderson at Dream Big Casting are handling the additional speaking parts, and yes, there are plenty of roles for the parents of the girls. We ask for a reel, to see your acting ability, what you look like and your age are less important. So feel free when Breakdowns come out in February to send a reel. I do look at most of them. And... I'm in my mid-forties and still consider myself a kid.

Happy New Year,

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Questions for Susanna Lo

I put up this part for questions to Susanna.

411 on "Manson Girls" by Susanna Lo

Unlike other blogs, I go one step further for you.  I spoke with Robert Hendrickson personally about his new book due out soon.  I posted that interview here.

Earlier today I spoke with Susanna Lo.  Got a really good low down on the Manson Girls movie.  It begins filming  in L.A. April 2011.

Things you wanted to know from Susanna Lo.  I posted the best parts for everyone.

Hi Liz,   The thing I want to point out the most is that Manson Girls is not the same project that Matthew Bright and Lindsay Lohan was attached to. I wrote this script over four years ago. My script doesn't deal with Nancy Pittman at all. It takes place during the girls' teenage years and follows several of them to Spahn Ranch and ends a minute before the Tate/LaBianca murders. I was much more fascinated with telling the girls' story, and not Manson's or Bugliosi's stories. I wanted to know how so many young girls were seduced into this situation and why.

FYI: Associated Press has invited me and the actors in Manson Girls for a Press Conference/Launch Event at The Gibson Guitar Lodge during the Sundance Film Festival, on January 24th. They'll be streaming the conference live on AP Live and Warner Brothers Music site. And a couple of The Doobie Brothers will be performing original music they wrote for Manson Girls. So you can also find out what the actors involved have to say about the project.

I will be keeping in contact with her as things progress.  Any questions you want me to ask her?   I set up a section for that.

Why have a blog if all you are going to do is copy articles?
I prefer to write my own article. I in my slippers, take you one step further.

The Colonel must be on a hiatus with his supermodel wife.
Last time I talked to him was at the Xmas eve party.  He will have a big Monkeyboy surprise when he returns.  I am very surprised I have not heard from Col.  Last I knew according to Monkeyboy-  I follow the Col's orders.  Colonel if you are reading this, I am sitting here with my thumb up my ass not knowing what to do. (ST is next to me with his hand "you know where") Please call me.  I'm helpless without you. Just tell me to stop and I will I promise. Did I mention Monkeyboy wants to shove a banana up your ass?  The Colonel is "my Charlie"  I follow his orders!

The "catbox" forum battened down their hatches.
And if you like to go to the "catbox" better use a different screen name over HERE.  Someone from there has nothing better to do then watch here for new members, run back to
the "catbox" and block their defectors.  Who really wants to look at old yellowed newspaper clippings anyway???

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Ha ha. But we are the idiots!!! Article from

Manson Case File The faked envelope (2007) In 2006 Van Houten received a one year denial, which means that the next year the parole will seriously consider release. This no doubt unnerved some people who would rather see Van Houten remain behind bars. One of the people who came out of the woodworks in a desperate attempt to twart Van Houten's parole chances was a man by the name of James D. Robinson. This character had been haunting Manson Family related forums, blogs and discussion groups for a couple of year already and had quite a reputation online (not a very positive one). Initially he professed his love for Susan Atkins, but after repeatedly being told that Atkins was happily married to James Whitehouse he suddenly got a change of heart: Leslie Van Houten was no doubt the love of his life. People on the internet were already wary of this person but apparently Deputy DA Patrick Sequira of the Los Angeles District Attorney thought there was truth to Robinson's statements about being in love with Van Houten and visiting her at the C.I.W. prison in the summer of 2005. He never backed up his claims with facts or evidence but that didn't seem to bother Mr Sequiera: he had the ammo he needed to shoot Van Houten's parole chance down. And so it happened that during the 2007 parole hearing of Leslie Van Houten an innocent-looking letter becames the subject of a battle between Deputy DA Sequiera and attorney Christie Webb, the latter getting so angry she left the boardroom for a short while. Mr Sequiera compared Mr Robinson to the coke-sniffing ex-con Bill Cywin, Van Houten's ex-husband, and claimed that Van Houten kept on associating herself with bad men. Miss Webb retorted she would like to see evidence of that because Van Houten didn't know that Robinson person and he certainly never visited her in prison. No proof was given and none was needed: the damage had already been done. Van Houten received a two-year denial and it doesn't appears she'll be going anywhere anytime soon. After the hearing there was some buzz on the internet, mostly with James Robinson as the butt of countless jokes because Van Houten didn't acknowledge his relationship with her. Athough anybody who would claim Van Houten was his girlfriend would receive an angry e-mail that he was not her boyfriend although he did propose marriage to her and she said no and he loves her very much and... Well, the rambling went on for another four paragraphs and didn't do anything to clear up the matter. Robinson "retaliated' with angry forum posts about how he was going to sue Christie Webb for lying about his visit (Mr Sequiera comparing him to a drug addicted ex-con isn't so bad apparently) but that lawsuit still has to happen. He realized that people would demand him to prove he was telling the truth. So he started up Photoshop and came up with this beautiful creation: (pic no longer posted)

Tuedays w/ T.J.

With all the excitement I almost forgot. T.J with one of his sisters and a few of his kids.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Re Cap

So lets go over the holiday activities shall we?   Matt & I threw the best Xmas ever party ever with all our recent  "M" pictures and blog members a plenty here in Connecticut.
It was a small c-word festival as well.  I the American c, was joined by Alice the British c.  She flew over from "across the pond" for the c/Christmas festival.
We we're all shocked when The Col graced us with his presence (he really is NOT Don Murphy) and guess who he had with him?  Nancy Monfort. She said being the holidays and all, she forgives me. 
And Saint-dear Saint-he was in charge of blog moderation during the festival and - he can type like a mofo with his d*ck in his hand.  Tom was there, being ever the gentleman defender he is.  Hippie Chick worked karaoke and we all sang songs from the "Lie" album.  Thelma and Louise graced us with their presences and they actually brought Brad Pitt.  I bet Angie was pissed.

As midnight approached the house phone rang.  It was Charlie.  Apparently he got the new cell phone Candy and Nuts sent him for Xmas.  He asked if  "we had Prince Albert in a can."  Silly old man.  After the clock struck midnight Shawn read passages from Helter Skelter.  Maybe The Bug was right?  Same time and place next Xmas everyone???

Sunday, December 26, 2010

leslie lies

Leslie down plays her involvement or changes the story for every hearing and , refuses to accept blame. She continues to make bad choices in her incarcerated life. She married a William Cywin November 18, 1981. Cywin was no angel himself , he had previously served time for embezzlement, drug charges and grand theft auto. Leslie was said to be aware of his criminal past but married him anyway. She probably figured she could change, maybe he could too. In early 1983 Cywin was again arrested for stealing a car. A search of his home yielded small quantities of weed and cocaine and, a CA woman's prision guard uniform. She later divorced him. Various parole hearing quotes from the ever changing Leslie- from her parole hearings. First trial (not sure of the date) Leslie- "I had a knife and Patricia had a knife. We just started stabbing and cutting up the lady." Question from Board Member- "Did you stab Mrs. Labianca after she appeared to be dead?" Leslie response-"I don't know if it was before or after she was dead, but I stabbed her. I don't know if she was dead. She was lying there on the floor." Board Member- "Had you stabbed her before you saw her lying on the floor?" Leslie- "I don't remember." Second Parole Hearing. I don't have the exact date. Leslie- "I stabbed Mrs. LaBianca between 10- 20 times." 1989 Parole Hearing- Leslie "I stabbed Mrs. LaBianca 16 times." 1993 Parole Hearing-Leslie "I stabbed her numerous times." 2004 Parloe Hearing-Leslie "I had stabbed Mrs. LaBianca between 14 and 16 times"............"When Tex handed me the knife, I knew he wanted me to do something, and at that moment I lost all sense of my humanity. I couldn't stop."

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Monday, December 20, 2010

FINAL Mondays w/Nancy 2 for 1 special

This first pic was posted some place else before with the caption about now it is lazyboys and martinis. This pic was taken at an expo. Not sure if she bought the chair or just gave it a test drive. I never realized how tiny she is.

This really is the last one. We had a good run. So tonight, have a cocktail, smoke a blunt,stay sober whatever your thing is.

Have one to celebrate for Nancy and her new life.

Friday, December 17, 2010

This Day In History

This day in history  (taken from
December 17, 2010

"Squeaky" Fromme sentenced to life

A federal jury in Sacramento, California, sentences Lynette Alice Fromme, also known as "Squeaky" Fromme, to life in prison for her attempted assassination of President Gerald R. Ford.
On September 5, a Secret Service agent wrested a semi-automatic .45-caliber pistol from Fromme, who brandished the weapon during a public appearance of President Ford in Sacramento. "Squeaky" Fromme, a follower of incarcerated cult leader Charles Manson, was pointing the loaded gun at the president when the Secret Service agent grabbed it.
Seventeen days later, Ford escaped injury in another assassination attempt when 45-year-old Sara Jane Moore fired a revolver at him. Moore, a leftist radical who once served as an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, had a history of mental illness. She was arrested at the scene, convicted, and sentenced to life.
In trial, Fromme pleaded not guilty to the "attempted assassination of a president" charge, arguing that although her gun contained bullets, it had not been cocked, and therefore she had not actually intended to shoot the president. She was convicted, sentenced to life in prison, and sent to the Alderson Federal Correctional Institution in West Virginia.
Fromme remained a dedicated disciple of Charles Manson and in December 1987 escaped from Alderson Prison after she heard that Manson, also imprisoned, had cancer. After 40 hours roaming the rugged West Virginia hills, she was caught on Christmas Day, about two miles from the prison. Five years were added to her life sentence for the escape.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesdays with T.J.

T.J.'s Marine photo

Reasons why Arnold thinks Bruce should stay in the clink.

From The Huffington Post-Arnold responds to why Bruce can't go home just yet.

Schwarzenegger acknowledged that Davis had made "some credible gains" during his incarceration. But in turning down the parole recommendation, he cited the "especially heinous" nature of the slayings and Davis' repeated efforts to minimize his involvement.
The Republican governor also questioned whether Davis is still too willing to follow others' direction, noting his association with the American Nazi Party after he went to prison in 1972. He also found troubling Davis' statements that he would be subservient to his wife should he be released.
"Davis still exhibits conformist tendencies," Schwarzenegger said in a decision he signed on June 22. The decision was sent to Davis and the parole board on Friday.
Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, the Republican nominee for attorney general, had urged Schwarzenegger to reject the parole board's recommendation.

Beausoleil Denied Parole

Thanks to St. Circumstance for the heads up..
Bobby (age 63) had his 15th parole hearing yesterday December 15, 2010.  Surprise, surprise he was denied.  His next hearing will be in five years.  I tried like hell to find more information than this but, there is nothing else out there.  If I find anything else good, I will post it.

Photo taken from

Monday, December 13, 2010

Parole Hearings

Bobby    yesterday ~ 12/13/2010   (5 year denial so next one 2015?)

Pat                 1/20/11     1:00 p.m. western time zone

Bruce                    some time in 2011

Tex                       some time in Sept 2011

Charlie                 some time in 2012

LuLu                   some time in 2013

Mondays with Nancy

I have no witty caption for this one.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not Happening

Lindsay Lohan

Saladin Nader

Sandy had sex with him as a "thanks for the ride".

Linda was nice enough to spare his life.

Sadie was sweet enough to take a dump in his hall on her way out.

photo taken from

Happier Times

 above picture taken from

Sharon and Jay

Jay Sebring

The most dangerous man alive?

The short one in buckskin.

Friday, December 10, 2010

One More Maybe


Nikki Blonsky, the girl from the Hair Spray movie was listed in an older article (10/2010) as having a role in Manson Girls. Not to be mean but..........who is she going to portray, Barbara Hoyt after she gained all that weight?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Manson Girls " movie to begin filming February 2011

Manson Girls Movie 

Did Nancy do any consulting?  The movie seems to be based on her life.


Susanna Lo is taking over the writing and directing of the long-talked-about Manson Girls movie.
Beginning in February 2011, acclaimed filmmaker Susanna Lo (Black & White: A Love Story) is the new director of the weird, once-starring-Lindsay-Lohan movie about the women of the Manson Family aptly entitled The Manson Girls, taking over from Matthew Bright.

Here's the synopsis:
Manson Girls follows a young girl from a wealthy Malibu family who fell under Manson's spell. She was not one the "Family" members involved in the clan's infamous murder spree but was later imprisoned after she became involved with the Aryan Brotherhood and was convicted of being an accessory (after the fact) to murder.
Thora plays Sandra Good, a Manson girl who did not partake in the murders because she was in jail for credit card fraud. Heather will play Sadie Atkins, who participated in all of the murders Manson led his group to. Erin will play Summer Sunshine, who is not a known person in real life, which could indicate she is the protagonist.
ok i did not know what a "protagonist" was so I looked it up.
It is defined as the main character in a story.

 Quote from Susanna Lo
 I decided I wanted to tell the story of eight of the girls, from their teenage years through to the minute before the Tate/LaBianca murders. Manson Girls is a movie about how neglect, rejection and abuse can transcend into hopelessness, despondence and ultimately, violence.  Just to be clear, this is not a story about Charles Manson.  It is the story of eight of the girls, told from their prospective, before the Tate/LaBianca murders take place.  And I never show Charlie Manson's face in the film.

Here is the line up as of Dec 1, 2010.  There is no mention of Nancy Pitman in the line up.  And two new M girls who I and, I'm sure you -have never heard of.   Weird.    So far the line up has changed once.  What I posted is the latest.

Thora Birch as   Sandra Good  

Monica Keena as  Squeaky

Laura Harring as  Alice Rainer  <~~~ who????
Googled Laura, she is like 45, who is Alice Rainer? Is she not a real character like Summer Sunshine mentioned above???? 

Estella Warren  as Gypsy

Heather Matarazzo  as Sadie

Brit Morgan   as Katie

Stella Maeve  as Linda

Patti D'Arbanville as Jean Cooper   <~~ again who?
I google Patti because the name was familiar.  This woman appears to be like 50 or older,who the hell is Jean Cooper?  Another Summer Sunshine fake?

Jennifer Landon as Mary

Chad Faust as Tex

Michael Monks as Danny DeCarlo

I don't know about this one.  Are there not enough Manson girls to go around that they needs to make up at least one  maybe three new characters?  That part totally confuses me. What about Nancy? Is Nancy "Summer Sunshine" then? 
Where are Cappy and Kitty and Stephanie?  No Bobby?  And as we have read no Charlie.  Bizarre.  I can't even begin to think about how this is going to play out.

I do know that someone is not going to be happy over all this new movie business.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hawthorne Shoot Out Pics

View from inside a police car shot up by members of the Family. In the background is the van they used for this caper.

Gypsy and Mother Mary on the way to court from the "nervous hospital" for their roles in the Hawthorne shootout.

Gypsy and Mary look pretty good for just getting shot.

Fresh out of the "nervous hospital" and ruled sane to stand trial.

Ken Como, Gypsy's man called as a witness for Charlie. Short little bugger.

Dennis,Como and Bailey


Left to right Dennis Rice,Ken Como and Larry Bailey.
On the way to court for the Hawthorne robbery/shootout.


Taken from todays CDCR Star (CA Department of Corrections newsletter.) Ex-Manson family member speaks about his ministry By Tori Brock, The Huntsville Item -- Vincent Bugliosi, author of the Charles Manson true-crime book “Helter Skelter,” called Dennis Rice one of the Manson family's most hard-core members. Rice became a Christian in prison and has been ministering to offenders for the past 25 years. On Friday, Rice spoke to offenders at the Byrd Unit and will be speaking to offenders at the Wynne Unit today. Rice will speak at Univeristy Heights Baptist Church at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Political Prisoners?

He' soooo sexy. And an ingrate and an arrogant liar. I think he is still sitting all these years because of the association w/ The Family. I feel yes it is time to let Bobby out, but if he killed my friend or family member I am sure I would feel differently. How the hell can you kill someone who let you live with them when you we're homless? Someone who helped you out with getting your baby back, feeding you and your child in times of need? Sexy Sadie got what she deserved. I like to call it "cancer karma". If she was still alive and healthy my opionion is-let her continue to rot away. Katie- she needs to remain in prision forever. I don't care how sorry you are Katie, you did your crime now do your time. Just admit it bitch. Leslie, yeah she can go free I guess. Jesus or no Jesus, he must rot there. It is time-let him out. This is a tough one. I think he did serve enough time for the crimes he was accused of. But, does he still has the power to influence? He is an old coot now, and maybe harmless??


Everyone has their opionions on the motive.  I used to have a motive, until I started talking to a lot of people about the case. Shorty I think was the bug in George's ear about all the illegal activities going on.  He was a snitch, he had to die.  I used  to think SA,BB, and MB went to Gary's to get some loot to finance the Family' needs to get out of the dessert, away from the police harrasment.  Gary said "no", then things got out of control and they HAD to kill him or he would snitch. Tate- was because Melcher fell through on his musical promises, didn't matter who was living at Terry's at the time.  A message needed to be sent. A few people have the "drug burn" theory for Voytek. As for Tate- why didn't TW, SA and PK search the house for money or drugs?  It was overkill.  A personal crime. 
Labianca- No clue.  Maybe Leno confronted Charlie when he was next door at Trues. 

He wouldn't give up his money or vehicles.  Selfish pig.

Snitches and other enemies will be taken care of.

was it HeAlter Skelter?

To maybe thin out the pigs? 

A drug burn?

Monday, December 6, 2010

He May Surf After All

Charles Manson NOW review.

A brief review.

CHARLES MANSON NOW by Marlin Marynick

Marynick's book is written in my favorite style - an odyssey. He presents his own personal background of growing up in rural Saskatchewan as a fairly unhappy, bullied child who took great pleasure in nature, magic and odd curiosities like Charles Manson, the Elephant Man and Houdini. These interests helped him escape from loneliness and personal tragedy. Marynick realized in early adulthood his ability to listen to people without judgement. This attribute helped him greatly in his career choice, that of a psychiatric nurse. Marynick's childhood pain pushed him to try to understand why this type of pain could drive him to help others while the same type of pain might take a man down the path of evil.

Through a series of events that were actually triggered by a long, strange encounter with a hoaxter who claimed a gay relationship with Charles Manson, a chain reaction was set off in Marynick's life. Though a hoaxter, this man (without Marynick's knowledge) put him in touch with a prison inmate friend of Manson's named Kenny Calihan, who initiated contact between Marynick and Charles.

Says Marynick, "I've met some of the most extreme, intense, complex people on the planet. But neither these individuals nor their stories could remotely prepare me for the most complicated encounter of my life. I was about to become friends with Charles Manson".

Marynick 's innate ability to listen and try to understand without judgement gain Manson's trust. Over time Marynick establishes a telephone and mail relationship with Manson that culminates in a planned visit to Corcoran to visit. Marynick plans the trip around visiting other friends and acquaintances of Manson's as well as other people of knowledge. Included were John Aes-Nihil, Stanton LaVey, Matthew Roberts, Star and Graywolf.

Each "chapter" begins with Manson speaking in his own words. What I used to view as psychobabble "mansonese" became much easier to understand on paper - as I got to read the passages over and over. Following the Manson thoughts, the "chapter" would continue with Marynick's progression through the odyssey of his journey to meet and try to understand Manson. Charles is seen through the eyes of a wide assortment of people, the most important being Marynick.

The book explores Manson's mind, his impact on American culture and to a lesser degree - the crimes themselves.

This is a must read.
Thank you Matt for the lovely review.   I have not read it yet or purchased it.  Santa is bringing it to me this year, along with a few lumps of coal.

Mondays w/Nancy

The badgers are fed and frolicking with the buzzards, now back to business. Only one more pic after this week, unless someone can find more.

 Don't let them fool you, they are all on their way in to an AB meeting.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Just received a note from Robert Hendrickson. The book is ready to go to press, the ONLY hold up is -they are trying to think of a title. Looks like we might see it before April 2011.
I will keep everyone updated as I receive notifications.

Another new book coming April 2011

A new Charlie book due out April 2011 by Robert Hendrickson

I can't wait for this one.  It started as a mini series but pirating forced it to become a book.  I don't think we will see anything NEW here but I did enjoy his documentaries, though he does tend to make things a little scarier than they really are, like Sanders. 

read something

A small review of Charles Manson Now with an interesting aticle