Friday, December 10, 2010

One More Maybe


Nikki Blonsky, the girl from the Hair Spray movie was listed in an older article (10/2010) as having a role in Manson Girls. Not to be mean but..........who is she going to portray, Barbara Hoyt after she gained all that weight?


TomG said...

Barbara Hoyt best known for eating a hamburger spiked with LSD ( by Ouish ). In middle age, she ballons up to 250lbs. You can't make this stuff up. With respects to Susanna Lo, reality is better than fiction.

queenanne-8th said...

it's to bad ,too as i saw that one picture of Barbra Hoyt when she was young (sitting on a carpeted floor somewhere) and she was pretty,the pic was before the glasses and shorter hair.