Saturday, November 17, 2012

Johnny Ussery Update!!

Johnny has finally heard back after MANY repeated attempts to reach authorities. He shared an email with me from the person who is in charge of the case, who admitted that he was unable to devote much time to it. I have posted the response below with Johnny’s permission:

Mr Ussery,

The case is still open. I am only unable to devote very much time to it. When I opened the case I first realized there were some serious challenges involved.

1) was the way crime scenes and evidence were processed in 1968 with respect to possible future DNA testing.

2) was the actual state of evidence as some items had been analyzed recently and the evidence was "deteriorated" with respect to DNA.

3) Was obviously the amount of time lapsed.

I had the opportunity to speak with the original investigator, Earl Friend before his death and I got his opinions. He believed Delany hired someone to do it. Delaney was excluded based on blood type comparing his blood type to blood found under your grandmothers fingernails. At least from her death 
In regards to the Mansons, I think this is a possibility. I have exchanged information with Charles Tex Watson who identified was being in Ukiah as well as with Patricia Krenwinkle. Both adamantly deny involvment or knowlege but they might be lying.

I have also interviewed the lead investigator from the LaBianca murders as early information was that Linda Kasabian gave info to LA authorities about the case and I didn't get anything concrete. I will gladly track your aunt down when I can.

Would it help this situation for someone to get out to Mendocino, and start to look for some of these people and shake things up? My first thought is that this guy should get a chance to do his job. For now. It has been a long time, and he has probably not heard these names from anyone who counts in many years. It Does mention that evidence had been "analyzed recently". But so far, I am not very impressed. It took way to many calls and emails to get a general review of the basics. Johnny asked me a very good question. Was there ever a check of Dulaneys financial records? Did he/they/anyone ever look for anything to tie Dulaney to this theory of murder for hire??