Saturday, November 17, 2012

Johnny Ussery Update!!

Johnny has finally heard back after MANY repeated attempts to reach authorities. He shared an email with me from the person who is in charge of the case, who admitted that he was unable to devote much time to it. I have posted the response below with Johnny’s permission:

Mr Ussery,

The case is still open. I am only unable to devote very much time to it. When I opened the case I first realized there were some serious challenges involved.

1) was the way crime scenes and evidence were processed in 1968 with respect to possible future DNA testing.

2) was the actual state of evidence as some items had been analyzed recently and the evidence was "deteriorated" with respect to DNA.

3) Was obviously the amount of time lapsed.

I had the opportunity to speak with the original investigator, Earl Friend before his death and I got his opinions. He believed Delany hired someone to do it. Delaney was excluded based on blood type comparing his blood type to blood found under your grandmothers fingernails. At least from her death 
In regards to the Mansons, I think this is a possibility. I have exchanged information with Charles Tex Watson who identified was being in Ukiah as well as with Patricia Krenwinkle. Both adamantly deny involvment or knowlege but they might be lying.

I have also interviewed the lead investigator from the LaBianca murders as early information was that Linda Kasabian gave info to LA authorities about the case and I didn't get anything concrete. I will gladly track your aunt down when I can.

Would it help this situation for someone to get out to Mendocino, and start to look for some of these people and shake things up? My first thought is that this guy should get a chance to do his job. For now. It has been a long time, and he has probably not heard these names from anyone who counts in many years. It Does mention that evidence had been "analyzed recently". But so far, I am not very impressed. It took way to many calls and emails to get a general review of the basics. Johnny asked me a very good question. Was there ever a check of Dulaneys financial records? Did he/they/anyone ever look for anything to tie Dulaney to this theory of murder for hire??  



DebS said...

I'm glad that Johnny finally heard back from LE but the detective's reply opens the door to so many more questions. Has Mendocino been in touch with LAPD and are they working together to obtain those tapes? Has Mendocino spoken with Kasabian herself? She can't be that hard to track down and even if her information is hearsay because she wasn't known to be with the Family at that time it would at least give Mendocino a direction.

I'd like to know more about the knots used to tie the thongs, were they a match to knots known to be used by anyone in the Family? Where was Bruce Davis at the time of the murders?

Would it do any good to speak with Bugliosi? He was hell-bent on convicting Manson to the exclusion of solving murders in other jurisdictions but maybe he knows something.

cielodrivecom said...

I'd have to look it up, but I think Davis was in England when this happened.

Regarding the knots, were they similar to the knots in the LaBianca thongs or the lamp chords? There are a few pictures LAPD made where they were recreating the knot used on the lamp cord on Rosemary. It's the knot very close to the plug.

Matt said...

Cielo, do you have the photos of those knots?

leary7 said...

wow, sorry to sound like a prick, but if I was in Johnny's shoes I would be pissed. What a shitty reply. As DebS said it raises more questions than answers.
Exactly when and why was the evidence 'analyzed recently and deteriorated with respect to DNA'.
And I need to go to all the other sites and read more about the case but that is the first I have ever heard of Kasabian having possibly commented on it. That is big, isn't it?
The bottom line is that the best and most likely only path to solving this case is to shake the Family tree. If there is even a hint of involvment on the Tex Tapes then use the threat of indictments for Shorty's murder on Tex, Gypsy etc to try and loosen some tongues.
Why not??? Don't Johnny and his mother and grandmother deserve that? Why do we have to beg law enforcement to push on the murder of two innocent women and a fetus.

I still think Johnny is going to have to illicit the help of a local politician or social activist or the like. For a working cop to push on this case he would have to have no life and an obsessive personality. With repsect, it doesn't seem like this guy fits that discription.

cielodrivecom said...

I do have these pictures. I'll send them to you when I get home tonight

leary7 said...

thanks tons Cielo for the Springer tapes. They are amazing.
And now you have my favorite Ella Jo on tap. You're the best.

Unknown said...

hey cielo very random but by any chance could you make a link to the audio archives on the media tab thing? i cant find it, i wanted to go back and listen to the brooks tapes.

cielodrivecom said...

Thanks Leary, glad you enjoyed the tapes. Also glad to hear that Ella Jo is your favorite. There's nothing in this whole saga that I'm more interested in, than Ella Jo Bailey. To me, she has always represented a happier time within the group. This conversation, unfortunately, is all about what she knows about the Hinman murder. I would’ve loved it so much if it was a longer interview with more personal back story and talk of the earlier days.

Just want to warn you ahead of time, the sound is extremely rough. About 10 minutes in, something happens. I don’t know if someone has moved positions and is blocking the microphone. But after that point you’ll really need to put your listening ears on.

Lauren, I will eventually add a directory for the recordings. But probably not until a bunch more are up.

For now you can go here. Brooks is on page 2

cielodrivecom said...

After the Tate-LaBianca arrest warrants were announced in December of '69, the sheriff up in Ukiah requested samples of the leather thongs so they could run comparison tests on them.

Does the detective currently working the case happen to know if this was ever done?

I know for the LaBianca case, Vince Bugliosi wanted to do comparison tests on some of the thongs Manson and company had. But it is my understanding that LAPD didn't do this because the people at SID said there wasn't a way to tell if two leather thongs came from the same place.

Perhaps with today's technology there is.

leary7 said...

wow, Cielo, I though I was the only Ella Jo groupie. Just kidding, but I agree she represents a better time. Though I have come to wonder why she didn't go to authorities after leaving the Family and knowing they had killed her friend Gary. Maybe it was simple fear or guilt, she having been the one to tell Manson that Gary had an inheritance. Still, wouldn't it be a treasure to get some sort of updated dialogue with her. When Cielo Drive happened did she know right away, as Junaita Wildbush claimed she did, that Charlie and his gang were behind it?
Speak to us, Ella.