Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Take the Back Alley to Langley - Part Three

Hippie Reeve via Chaos

Part One Introduction

Part Two Backstory

Houston, we have a problem. 

Our friend inside the government, these days known online as Montana Sun, ran an earnings report on Reeve Whitson. They found:

- No government earnings were ever posted for Whitson

- No government pension existed for Whitson

- No government retirement insurance existed from that nonexistent pension 

- No record of Whitson paying taxes after 1962


People who work for Uncle Sam have insurance. Former service members have VA records. Everyone pays taxes. 

As Montana Sun pointed out, even Lee Harvey Oswald left a paper trail, and he helped kill a President of the United States. 

Is it possible Whitson was nothing more than a well-connected PI? His life is straight out of James Bond. We'll wrap this up in Part Four. +ggw


Edit: You can catch me on The Paulcast tonight at 10 pm EST talking all things Whitson! 

Edit #2: Whitson's gal Joan Weldon.