Friday, June 8, 2012


Two of Sharon's greatest loves were animals and the beach.

Manson Family Remixes

The Manson Family epitomises everything dark and dangerous about psychedelia, the potentially disastrous consequences of drug abuse and misled ideals. When they weren’t hacking up pregnant women or trying to incite race wars they had some pretty adorable jamming sessions. That’s assuming  you find chanting and cackling adorable. That’s perhaps a reckless assumption to make. On second thoughts we didn’t mean it, we take it back. Assumption revoked.

Point being that despite all the creepiness there’s a genuine warmth in their demo tapes. Everything is totally untouched production wise and reeks of ominous euphoria. We sent these tapes to a handful of our favourite up and coming producers, DJs and bands and asked them to have a fiddle around to see what they could come up with. Here’s the results in all their messianic, homicidal glory.