Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Witches' Lair, Part 3

Deb wanted to be absolutely certain that we had the right place, so she placed a phonecall to Alice's widower, Clyde Price, who still lives in Mendocino County. He was very gracious to Deb, and for this we wish to thank him. Deb wrote Patty as follows:

"I spoke to Clyde Price.  He doesn't remember a lot about the girls.  The house they rented was Alice's and she was the one who did all the contact with them.  He agreed that they must have heard about the place for rent by word of mouth but he didn't know who would have told them.  He did remember meeting them and they seemed like nice girls.  He really didn't remember anything specific about them as they were only there for about a month before they were arrested.  The guy is 90+ years old and really hasn't thought much about the Manson girls in many years, understandably his memory on that has faded."

As Kimchi has surmised, the house was indeed on Gschwend Road, and the current address of the merged properties is 17926. Deb and Patty wanted to be sure we were on Gschwend because it's unmarked and hilly back there. We spotted a nice older lady coming home from a walk. Patty leaned out and said "Are we on Gush-wend road?" The lady replied, "Schwend. The G is silent, and yes, you are."

There are several buildings on the property: one has been built fairly recently, and the others appear to be old enough to have been there in 1967. Did they actually live in one of these shacks, or is the house they rented long gone? We don't know for sure yet, but we will keep trying to find out. Anyone?

Without further ado, here are some photos of The Witches' Lair for your viewing pleasure. Happy New Year!