Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sharon's March, 1967 Playboy Pictoral

Another cool thrift store find! This time it was Patty and not Mom-Patty who found it. This is the issue of Playboy where Sharon appears "semi nude" (i.e., look close and you can see nipple). The photos were taken by "Polanski" which I found odd, why didn't they use his full name? Is he one of those people who only need one name, like Beyonce, Prince and Cher? Whatevs.

The pictorial is obviously promoting "The Fearless Vampire Killers." You have probably seen these before, and wondered where they came from. Also there was a huff a while back when someone said Deb Tate said her sister was in Playboy when in actuality, she never was. Well, here she is. She is not the centerfold, maybe that's what the stink was about. Sharon's photos are fairly tasteful while Deb's Oui spread was not as, shall we say, demure. Can't post that here without a big yellow happy face over her business end.

Sigh. Patty digresses yet again. For your enjoyment, "The Tate Gallery" from the infamous March, 1967 Playboy Magazine!