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Patty supposes she might unofficially be starting an "Netflix Companion:" recently she discussed "Wild in the Streets" and "Jesus Christ Superstar;" today she will touch on a little gem of a documentary produced in the Haight-Ashbury and released in 1968 that is called quite simply, "Revolution!"

What makes this movie most relevant to Manson researchers is its period look inside the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic at 558 Clayton Street (You can see a photo of the Free Clinic TODAY on here:

At or around minute 36, the interior of the two front rooms full of medical personnel and hippies is fully visible for several minutes. From a victorian bay window, you can see a short, waif-like little man pacing down on the corner...
...could it be???

Anyhoo. You may remember that Dr. David E. Smith was the author of a scholarly paper on the Family entitled "The Group Marriage Commune: A Case Study" in the September, 1970 Journal of Psychedelic Drugs. Dr. Smith is also the founder of the free clinic, and also of Rock Med. Surely, Dr. Smith must have known Ines Folger quite well, wouldn't you think? He has a cameo of sorts at or about minute 18 as the camera pans a public health poster that reads as follows:

"STP Users: Do not take thorazine, seconal or other downers for STP bum trips. David E. Smith, M.D. If you need help, call free medical clinic 431-1714 558 Clayton Street."

STP gets mentioned more than once before the credits roll. Patty never realized before how available it must have been back then. For those of you unfamiliar, STP (aka DOM, aka 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine) is a hallucinogenic characterized by vibrations, distortions, increased sexual sensation and a rise in blood pressure.

One final though before Patty ceases to bore you with her background research...Today. Today Malone is the sunny blonde star who sells dope and booklets on "How To Roll The Perfect Joint" to passers-by:

In the movie, Today says that she took her name because, you know, it's beautiful. "Like, totally NOW." Heard this one before? From Scientology? Or The Process? Or one of the groups mentioned in this film like The Hip Job Co-Op, The Diggers, The Krishna Temple, The Love Vortex or the Orifice? Patty wonders if Today ever met The Family? She looks just like one of the girls but more conventionally "pretty." Here, just to stay kind of on topic, Patty presents you with Today yesterday and Today today:

And, Dr. Smith yesterday and today:

Evil & Co.

Maybe these two know something about Joel's murder.
Photo exclusive property of Robert Hendrickson

Manson's Son Commits Suicide

I have heard one of Charlie's sons killed himself after visiting Charlie in jail. Does anyone know more about it?

This Day in Manson History - Joel Pugh Found Dead

Over forty years have passed since the Manson Family series of murders gripped the world. While the tragic deaths of nine innocent individuals have been afforded enormous publicity, there were other, less documented casualties of this macabre saga. Joel Pugh's slight connection with Manson's circle has been embellished over the years to assume the status of yet another "victim" of the Family's bloody rampage. The truth however, is markedly different. The purpose of this site is to assert some semblance of reality to what happened to Joel, and to re-examine his "relationship" with the Manson Family. Utilising original documents and photographs, I aim to present a definitive view of events. While I concede that there will always be interest in this story, certain key facts have been clearly been ignored in this case. My hope is that future researchers will be able to amend the catalogue of inconsistencies that have built up concerning Joel, and present a more balanced picture of what actually occurred.

More Yearbook Pics

Two other yearbook photos of Sandy. I am not sure of the schools or years. I borrowed these from our friends over at the Helter Skelter forum.

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