Monday, October 4, 2010

Family Day Care Center Has Openings--call now!

This is a photo of THE chicken coop at Spahn Movie Ranch. Move the plywood, crawl in the hole and there is an instant creepy crawl nursery for Dennis Rice's kids and a few other unidentified children. You thought you had daycare issues?? Photo date July 2, 1971.

Bartyk Frykowski son of Voytek

Bartlomiej (Barthomeau in English) "Bartyk" Frykowski son of Voytek. Occupation Cinamatographer. Died June 8, 1999 from knife wounds her suffered while staying at his girlfriends mansion in Gluchy Poland. According to a statement made by a states prosector he committed suicide. According to others he was murdered. ( Who dies from self inflicted knife wounds besides Joel Pugh?? ) That is all the info I can find on his death. Most of everything on him I could find is in Polish, and my Polish is not what it used to be since everyone that spoke it in my family has died. But I can still swear up a storm in that language!!! He had three children below is the oldest. Bartek's daughter Agnieszka (Agnes) she stars in Poland's version of Big Brother. You can you tube the Polish Big Brother version if you like all photo's from


The Frykowski Family July 27,1971 at the trial. from left to right Teo Fila Frykowski (Voytek's mom),George Frykowski (Voytek's brother) and Bartek Frykowski (Voytek's son age 12 at time of photo)