Friday, October 24, 2014

Crime and Punishment Trading Cards

In 1992 Eclipse Enterprises published a few sets of trading cards one of which is titled Crime and Punishment.  There are 110 cards in this series which was drawn by a courtroom sketch artist who worked for ABC television.  The artist, Bill Lignante, previously had been a comic book illustrator and comic strip artist for The Phantom, he also worked as an illustrator for Hanna-Barbera.  The LA Times did a story on Lignante soon after these cards came out.  The person who wrote the text for the cards was Bruce Carroll who also worked for ABC television.

There is always someone who gets their tits in an uproar about these types of things and of course there was a law suit to try to halt the sales of the cards brought on by one New York community in which Editor-in-Chief of Eclipse Enterprises Cat Yronwode deftly prevailed. 

Cat Yronwode is no slouch in the business world.  She currently owns a thriving Magick/Occult store in Forestville CA, right next door to the town of Guerneville in Sonoma County.  For a truly Witchy experience visit her website or brick and mortar store Lucky Mojo Curio Co.  Cat puts those Manson girls to shame when it comes to Witchy, but in a good way!

Here are all 26 of the Manson Trial trading cards from the Crime and Punishment series.