Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another new book coming April 2011

A new Charlie book due out April 2011 by Robert Hendrickson

I can't wait for this one.  It started as a mini series but pirating forced it to become a book.  I don't think we will see anything NEW here but I did enjoy his documentaries, though he does tend to make things a little scarier than they really are, like Sanders. 


S. Goldberg said...

The miniseries did not happen due to lack of producer interest. Simple terms: he could not afford to fund it and could not find enough people who would. Most miniseries like this are produced by the network airing it and freelance/independent ones rarely get shows because they take a lot of self-raised money to make. If the network likes it they buy it, but the producer still needs that money first. Not sure why he is blaming it on piracy, because piracy doesn't take money from him its just money that never came to him. Besides that, if he would sell his movies that are on cheap DVDrs and xeroxed covers for less than thirty bucks a pop maybe he'd sell more? No one wants to pay thirty bucks for a shammy DVDr. That's robbery.

beauders said...

i don't know about anyone else but the scariest thing the Manson's did were those damn creepy-crawls. almost scarier than the murders. could you imagine waking up and all your furniture is moved around. also imagine hearing about the creepy-crawls during the trial and knowing who was in your house.sadie et al. michelle phillips writes about her and john phillips experience in her book california dreaming actually kind of funny she thought john was just stoned until the trial.