Sunday, January 23, 2011

705 Bath St.

705 Bath Street in Santa Barbara CA. One of the first residences of Charlie, Mary and Lynette. Again, thanks to Ken. This is the house address printed on Charlie's drivers license from 1969.


Panamint Patty said...

you illegally hotlinked somebody? That's kinda funny. I find myself craving a nice spicy sausage with some pickle relish.

eviliz said...

Patty- apparently i did! haha i saw that and was like wtf is that?
i did credit where i found it. thats o.k though i found it somewhere else.

i could go for a hotdog with cheese cooked inside with some mustard and a tiny line of catsup, toasted bun. mmmmmm with some fries AND onion rings. the really, really thin onion rings.
oh- and a chocolate malt. yummy!

AustinAnn74 said...

I thout Manson was only 5'2. That driver license says 5'7.

Matt said...

Ann, most people say he's 5'2". Seeing him in video as compared to others makes me believe he is that diminutive.

But, A.C. has met him and she says he's more like 5'6".

Unknown said...

My grandmother helene howard lived just down the street and frequented the corner store.i remember the girls they sold stuff outside a store on state street I do not remember Charlie I was 9 years old.

Unknown said...

I currently live in building, friends get weirded out but whatever.