Friday, September 9, 2011

Shopping Anyone?

We are all about free advertising.
Hello! I wanted to reach out to you to let you know we just launched a campaign to raise money to release a record of unreleased Charles Manson music! We have access to 90 minutes of never before heard music, we just need to raise a little money to make it happen, so we're selling copies of the vinyl and other various prizes on this website,check it out, post it, forward it to other friends and tell them to repost it, please help spread the word so we can make this happen! Thanks so much!



bradley_nowell_805 said...

Who started this? When is the music from? Is this part of Hendrickson's collection of music? I'd love to help with all of this, I would just like a little more info......por favor mi amigos......hope you're all well.....PEACE & LOVE.....Josh

rfoster1 said...

How are you and how much do you need?

Cease2 said...

If it's about the music & spreading the word of CM/ATWA then why not just do it as a free digital download (of the music & cover art)?

That'd be more eco-friendly & maximise the audience.

Panamint Patty said...

Cease2: thank you, Patty was thinking the same thing but didnt know how to say it

Cease2 said...

You're welcome Ms Patty.

What next. Mega-deal on the Boston Strangler's Greatest Hits?

rfoster1 said...

Shit, I just re-read my post. How are you? Whatsa matter with me??

WHO are you and how much do you need??