Saturday, November 6, 2010

Whats new with Tex.

I rarely go over to Tex's site.  The whole Jesus conversion pisses me off. I am by no means religious either and Tex is a bible thumper.   I have nothing against religious folk, to each their own.   Took a peek over at
Tex is babbling about the new Manson movie in the works by writer/director John Gray. 
He says  HeAlter Skelter  by The Bug was 85% accurate.  Some of the inaccuracies we're-
there was no girl on girl action of any kind, not even kissing.  There we're never any orgies. 
He never saw Charlie beat on any of the girls.  The dogs did not eat before the humans.
No confirmations on Little Paul and Charlie's homo-erotic encounter.  
No denials of feces in the fridge.  I know I know, that was not in HeAlter Skelter.
A lot of new stuff I never heard from his mouth.   Be it the truth or not you decide. 
Over all it is a good read- go check it out.  The usual lies and story line changing.   go here to  see Tex's blessings for Sister Susan his partner in crime.  It was written in 2008.   I don't think it helped her get into heaven.

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