Friday, November 5, 2010

Matthew Roberts

I found Matthew Roberts long before he became so public, maybe 3 years ago. I don't know if now I believe he is Charlie' son. When I first found him I believed it. Ran it by The Col and he said nah. Matthew went on Howard Stern years ago about it. His MySpace page had the book he wrote about his life posted quite a few years ago. Plus a letter he received from Charlie about him being the sire. Might still be up there I am not sure. MySpace is like Sadie, every time I visit there I get a virus. Unlike the Family, I like to stay away from viruses. Matthew's music is- i guess kinda techno. I would compare it to Nine Inch Nails. He even wrote a tune about finding out Charlie was his birth father. Like I said, I researched it, the stories and the dates add up. But now that I read this Details magazine article I am not so sure. Whats your opinion on it? Its like he is begging people to believe him now. Details Magazine refuses to let me link, so you are on your own finding it.


Anonymous said...

I think he can be. Looks-wise, I did a side-by-side split image and it's almost uncanny. The nose shape, smile lines, eyes, brows, lips, everything. However, it's nothing definitive. I think Manson wants him to be his son, really.
I agree the dates all match up, his age, everything. My only problem is that Matthew is like 6'. BUT, height can and usually is inherited from your mother.

eviliz said...

look wise I agree. the height thing well, i am average height as is my daughters dad, but my daughter is only 5 feet tall.
i was told that Charlie offered up hair for a DNA test but Matthew said no. it is uncanny. he has got to be his son.

Matt said...

"My kid will probably be a Republican or something, and I'll have to deal with it."