Friday, November 5, 2010

Last Known Problem With The Law

Can't find any newspaper articles on this crime.
I could purchase the court transcripts if I had extra cash to throw around.

On or about October 24, 1996 cops showed up at Linda's home she shared with her daughter Quanu, her other daughter Tanya and Tanya's two children. Police found crack cocaine all packaged up ready to go, powder cocaine on a plate, a scale, baggies and a 45 caliber with ammunition, plus a bundle of money.

Taken into custody were Quanu and Linda. Tanya must have been out catching a sale at the time. Quanu was charged for the drugs and gun and did some jail time. Linda was charged with conspiracy but served no time. Lucky bitch always getting a slap on the wrist.


Anonymous said...

White trash begets white trash. Amen!

eviliz said...


ColScott said...

Greg King's mistake was that he just regurgitated Nellie's reporting- he is the one who called Tonya Lady D.

Nellie is the cause of Global Warming too.

eviliz said...

everyone pretty much regirgitates. it has been so long since i read Kings book. i thimk the new M book will be all the same shit just re-written. i hope that Ed Sanders does a good job in the book about Sharon he is writing. he did spend alot of time w/Ma Tate. i am pretty sure it will not touch on the murders, just her life senselessly snuffed out.