Friday, November 26, 2010

Donald "Shorty" Shea


Shorty (crouching) performing as an extra in one of the few movies shot at Spahn Movie Ranch.

I think Shorty had to "come to now" because he was always in George Spahn's ear.  He didn't care for the drugs, runaways, car chop shop, or the heAlter skelter dance club.  He probably over heard things - I am sure.  They say Shorty had George finally convinced to get rid of The Family.  It is rumored that everyone in the hard core inner circle we're involved.
The men of the Family "participated" in the actual killing.
Charlie,Tex, Clem and Bruce.
A couple of the girls packed up his belongings into his foot locker. One or more drove Shorty's car to where it was found.  Supposedly some dug the grave.  Leslie I think, kicked his dead body down the hill. Clem alone, buried him.  I recall reading somewhere the police found Shorty's car parked in a residential neighborhood 
somewhere,quite awhile after he went missing.  Inside the car was Shorty's foot locker and his bloody cowboy boots.  Gypsy's fingerprints  and Bruce's palm print were found on the foot locker.  I think it was Bruce who pawned Shorty's matching guns. 


Anonymous said...

These people (if you can call them that) all had their hands in the cookie jar when it came to murder.

LizzySkelter said...

I wonder why they called him Shorty, he looks like he was tall.

eviliz said...

Lizzy Skelter i LOVE that!
i could be Lizzy Helter and we can go out and creepy crawling!!!

LizzySkelter said...

bahahaha lets do it!