Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saladin Nader's Apartment

In going through old email looking for gems we may have missed, I found the pics from Saladin Nader's Venice apartment building. The old post was lost, but luckily the photos weren't. I'll keep looking for more and post as I find them.

Nader's apt 5th floor corner window just left of "Venice"

Door they entered is left of the guy on stilts. 

Other side of door they entered

Looking up the stairs they climbed

 The landing where the others hid

Room 403

Looking back at room 403 and where they hid

The landing where sadie dumped


fiona1933 said...

looking up stairs pic is really good

AustinAnn74 said...

She marked her territory with her "scent."

TomG said...

Sadie taking a dump on the landing is probably urban myth. For one, it is flat out uncouth, even for somebody like our Susie.

Secondarily, who flees an attempted murder scene by stopping to take a shit? Outside bathroom facilities at that.

Thirdly, remember, they had no ride. Are they gonna let her hitchhike back to the Spahn Ranch smelling like unwiped butt?

I know they were hippies, but come on.

Andorian323 said...

Bugliosi first wrote that story about the "dump". He would have had to have gotten it from Linda, as I doubt that Clem or Sadie would have told him anything.

rfoster1 said...
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rfoster1 said...
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