Friday, February 10, 2012

Q&A Tuesdays

Due to a large amount of member questions, comments and suggestions-
along with bringing sexy back, we are also bringing "Questions and Answers Tuesdays" back.

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louis365 said...

The Dodge Powerwagon that Tex left stuck in the mud re: his book, anyone know what happened to it? And no, I don't think the one that you will find at Ballarat is the one.

Matt said...

Louis, before Bobby's website changed they had letters & responses. In there was a reply to a letter & pictures where Bobby confirmed that the Power Wagon in Ballarat was indeed his:

He was sent pics of the inside and he confirmed that the paintings inside (night stars on the inside of the roof) were his.

louis365 said...

Wow...wicked. Thanks Matt for the update and info. I never knew of those letters or Bobby's response which were previously on his website.