Monday, July 16, 2012

Patty Montgomery: Heard this one before?

Last night while listening to Brian Davis' excellent radio show, Patty could not help but wonder where she'd heard Patty (Krenwinkel) Montgomery being a friend of Bill Garretson's before? Is this really "new," she thought? Well, no, it's not. A quick Google search this morning yielded the following:
Commenter "Courtney" says in 2009: "I've always thought the dogs there were used to her anyway - I think she was the Patty Montgomery who stayed with Garretson for a while. Manson's scout."

And here:
Commenter "damfino" says in 2009: "I haven't seen this discussed anywhere, and I've been wondering: what are the chances Patty Montgomery is really Patricia Krenwinkel?  When I saw that name in the transcript, I kinda off-handedly went "Gee, Patty is short for Patricia, and Montgomery is close to Mobile" but didn't think anything more of it.  So it really startled me when a couple of days later I read that the fake name Krenwinkel gave when she was arrested in Mobile was Marnie Montgomery.  (Apparently Tex used Montgomery as an alias too?)  It's probably still just a coincidence, but I had to ask."

and here:
commenter "Courtney" says in 2008: "Also he said the girls name who used to come to Guest House was none than Patty Montgomery - Patty? Watson's nom de plumb - Montegomery - coincidence - as Jung says "There are no coincidence only significations"

Patty's take: Maybe this bit of information is important, and maybe it's not. But it's not "new." We should all keep trying though because "The Truth" IS out there somewhere.


Anonymous said...

That is a good point, Patty.
It isn't new but what is new is what Katie and Brian did in elevating it up. The issue is clearly worthy of conversation and follow up.

Clearly this could mean nothing, but just as clearly it could mean something. What would be damning would be 'if' the LAPD or Prosecutor's Office never looked in to it.

sunset77 said...

From Diane Lake's testimony on another blog in Watson's trial, she has already said that Bruce Davis drove her and a "young boy" to Olancha:

"Q Did he come up to where you and Deputy Cox were?

A Yes.

Q Did Deputy Cox then ask Tex for his name?

A Yes.

Q What name did Tex give Deputy Cox?

A Chuck Montgomery.

It seems to me that I read the police spent a period of time looking for either "Tex Montgomery" or "Chuck Montgomery" in Texas, wasting their time, when they should have been looking for Charles Denton Watson.

Whether Krenwinkel knew Garetteson is questionable, unfortunately, I don't believe a word from either one of them.

Brian Davis said...

First thanks for listening, although, I don't understand why you'd call the program excellent then go on to insult us like this.

I can only assume you are being sarcastic with "excellent program".

However, you're obviously right in that it wasnt "new" in that a mere couple people had thought of the Garretson-Krenwikel connection previously.

Although, you apparently weren't aware either, hence your searching.

However, what was "new" was Katie connecting the polygraph comments to the alias list for confirmation. You have any google results for that ?

And the fact that we took a relevant topic and expanded on it to get people thinking was the point of last nights program.

I'm sorry you missed it.

I wished you a happy birthday but it looks like you might not have had a happy one.

Cuntry Trash said...

Charles Montgomery is also Tex's alias. Hmmmm

Patty is Dead said...

@Brian: no disrespect meant. We all want the same thing; "The Truth." Thanks for stimulating a healthy debate. Your show is great.

AustinAnn74 said...

I think Garretson HID on the side of the hill the whole time the murders were happening. People all over that canyon heard screams & gunshots that night, so please explain to me how this Garretson guy didn't hear a peep, and he was RIGHT THERE. People were screaming for their lives LOUD, and he claims he was inside writing letters. That is a lame LIE. I think Pat went inside the guest house, and Garretson was hiding on the side of the hill, behind the guest house. He was probably hanging on for dear life, had a load in his pants from being scared, and stayed that way until sunrise.

eviliz said...

AustinAnn74 said...
He was probably hanging on for dear life, had a load in his pants from being scared, and stayed that way until sunrise.

lmao True.

TomG said...

Tom G always thought something was strange that William Garretson, meek and mild as he was, never really told the authorities what he knew.

Tom G thinks he was spared because they probably knew him and he was too soft brain to ever get anybody in trouble.

Seeing how his life turned out, Tom G thinks they probably should have killed him too.

Patty is Dead said...


Patty is Dead said...

For the record, y'all, Patty didn't say "boo" about whats-her-face in this post, and she is not "DrunkenInbred" on the Colonel's blog. Patty's only point was that the info that was presented on Brian's show on Sunday was not new information, and she did it in a respectful way. No name calling, no hidden agenda, no taking sides. Just "The Truth." Patty will now go back to playing with herself.

Matt said...

I was outta town and only loosely followed events but I thought there was a total overreaction on some peoples' part.

I saw no ill-intent. You only pointed out that this wasn't new. And I know it wasn't you that reposted that drunken rant.

Shake it off, kid. :)

fiona1933 said...

I think all that goes to show what a closed loop a rumour can be.

TomG said...

What does LPAO mean? ( I'm sorta afraid to ast )