Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Jay Sebring:

Almost Famous?

Part 1 

(Two TV Guides and counting...)

Gotta love them TV Guides!
I have a special friend. Why is he special? Because he not only collects TV Guides...he actually reads them. All of them - and there are many.
My special friend recently mentioned (he has a unique way of mentioning these things causally, after the fact) that he read some article about Jay Sebring in one of his many TV Guides.
Naturally, I mildly flipped out on him - I asked him repeatedly why he didn't bring this to my attention at the time he discovered it.

Well, I probably only asked him once - but that's all it took...

I got an email from him last night at 4:30 a.m. -- he had stayed up all night digging through his collection; trying to find the golden ticket.

He found it!

Here's the extent of his email:

"Went through '64 to early '67 to find this, from TV Guide May 13-19, 1967
Enjoy.... "


A couple years ago the same friend forwarded me another Sebring/TV Guide thing - from 12-06-66.

Look at the lower right corner. Jack Lalanne - the fitness guy.

This is from an L.A. issue. Jack Lalanne had a local show for a short period of time.


DebS said...

I went to dollartimes.com because math hurts my head! Here's the translation of what a $50 haircut then would cost today.

$50.00 in 1967 had the same buying power as $348.94 in 2013.

Jay was raking in some bucks!

Max Frost said...

My apologies to all:

This article accidentally got posted before I finished it (I'm still learning how to work the gears here).

Among a few other things:

I wanted to put out a challenge to EVERYONE - those who get along, those who don't get along, etc. - to FIND a recording of Sebring on the Jack Lalanne show. It would be a treasure indeed.

My friend remembers the Lalanne show, and he's pretty sure it was just a live feed without any actual tape.

BUT, and here's a big but, the more affluent Hollywood types back then had access to those expensive fandangle video recording machines...

And being that Jay was so popular among the Hollywood crowd, I'm thinking SOMEONE (or someoneS) would've recorded it - maybe even Jay himself.

I'm sure we ALL can agree it would be fascinating to see it.

"The horses have now reached the starting gate..."

Patty is Dead said...

wouldnt that be cool?

orwhut said...

He rambled, gambled, cheated, and lied,
His worst fault was stealing, his wife's TV Guide.
Seems like yesterday, that commercial was on TV.