Friday, January 28, 2011

The latest from Robert Hendrickson's new M book

I spoke with Robert Hendrickson today and here is some of the information on his upcoming Manson Family book in his exact words-enjoy!

"The book should be going to the printer on Monday.
The Jared Laoughner incident caused them to stop and add some relevant info about him and Manson.  The book title is being kept secret because of sites ripping off our Manson title with cheap self serving DVDs." 

"The book will be available via with a click on-
on our site.  There will also be a Pay Pal click on.  You will be able to buy the book (not cheap) and or the whole Manson collection (book + our DVD's) for a special price.
If you have already purchased our DVDs, upon request and verification, you will get a discount on the book.  Because the book is over 570 pages with over 100 photos intertwined throughout, it can take a month for the printing.  We're sure the truth will be worth the wait.  No more BS, but organic words straight from the mouths of the Family and even the Prosecutor's true thoughts on the Crime/Trial of the Century."

So, i am thinking was Jared Laoughner a fan of Charlie?

The book will be pricey like his DVDs, but he is offering a discount to former purchasers of his DVDs. 
I know people over seas could not get the DVDs, wonder if it will be the same with the book?
I am dying to know the title.

check it out at


MrPoirot said...

"So, i am thinking was Jared Laoughner a fan of Charlie"

I doubt it Liz. Charlie hated jewish people and Loughner was jewish as were the Columbine shooters oddly enough.

To be honest, I think Charlie pretty much hated everybody.

Matt said...

Loughner seems unlikely to have any Jewish ancestry:

MrPoirot said...

Loughner's mother is jewish. Loughner's GF said he was a left wing pothead.

The shooting was as stupid as the JFK assassination. Oswald and JFK were on the same side of the political spectrum. Both Oswald and Louighner were bonkers is why the shootings were obviously not the work of a sane enemy. You can say Oswald and Squeaky and Loughner and Charlie were left or right but the simple fact is they were nuts.

Matt said...

I won't belabor the issue MrPoirot, but the Tucson Board of Rabbis looked extensively into his mother's family tree. I think they have successfully debunked the myth of her Judaism.

starship said...

IDK who Mr. Poirot is, but he's not searly as savvy as the character Agatha Christie created whom I believe he takes his name from, but the Columbine killers were not Jewish. Klebold's mother was born Jewish but they raised their family as Lutherans.

Not sure what ax you may have to grind, or why, but please stick to the facts.

eviliz said...

PLEASE no fighting kids. lets love everyone, The Jews, The Catholics and all the rest. well, we dont have to love them just not fight about them HERE>

starship said...

If his point is to simply point out that Charlie didn't like Jews and so that it would be unlikely for Jews to emulate him, that's fine. But Mr. Poirot seems to me to be trying to make a case that a disproportianate amount of these killers are Jewish...and uses examples to prove his point which are simply unture. So which is it?

I know I am new here and should behave myself, but I'm funny I guess because as much as I like conjecture, I much prefer discussing these cases with peopleknowledgable about the facts.

These cases are strange enough. No one needs to make any more shit up about them.

Matt said...

Charlie knew that Gypsy was Jewish. It didn't get her kicked off Spahn Ranch or out of Charlie's bed.