Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clem performing with Bob Weir and Steve Miller

Posted by Matt Click the link to see pics of Steve "Clem" Grogan performing in 2001 with Bob Weir and Steve Miller:


Panamint Patty said...

I do wonder if they knew who he was or not.

Matt said...

I seriously doubt that they knew. The media didn't know, or they would have made a fuss for certain.

Matt said...

I take a little powder
I take a little salt
I put it in my shotgun
and I go walking out

Looking high
Looking low
Gonna scare you up and shoot you
Cause Mr. Charlie told me so

St. Circumstance said...

Matt this is incredible stuff

St Circumstance

Panamint Patty said...

Saint! You crazy lurker, you. Missed you, man.

eviliz said...

they say old habits die hard.
steve grogan / adam gabriel -
i am pretty sure has a ton of aliases. funny how most of them cling to one thing from the past.
still have to have one tiny bit of dis honesty still lurking.

i heard he has a daughter fathered while in prison. does anyone know anything about her?

Jono said...

This makes me sick. I still can't figure out why this man got off so easily. Photographs I've seen suggest paedophila. Shouldn't he be registered or something?? Bob's too kind of a guy to have ever allowed this, surely he had no idea. Grogan should be a custondian at some retirement home, not a rock star! This really gives me the creeps.

fiona1933 said...

He's not a paedophile! God people have horrible minds now. He holds the little blond girl on his knee and rocks her with a kiss: you do not call that child molestation. Men in Hong Kong and Bangkok do this all the time, it's, hello, affection. Luckily people here haven't gone insane about ritual abuse and other madness.
There is no hint of it with Clem except the ridiculous 'exposure to children' story which was easily explained. Plus Clem was plenty active with the bigger girls, wasn't he?

hamstergirl said...

I wish I had seen this sooner - I would love to find Steve. I knew him as a warm, funny, and talented individual. My significant other was at Vacaville with him for several years. He's a musician too, and they played in several bands together. There were times I was in the visiting rooms, or at banquets where I was alone, and Steve was my bodyguard. I remember the day I met him...he was looking forward to being paroled, and asked me what was it like out there in the world, and how much had things changed. It's a sobering question to have to think about - how do you fill someone in on 14 years worth of living? The pedophilia charges on a comment here are ridiculous. Steve was in charge of the nursery in the prison visiting area - not a job a pedo would be allowed to hold, not in prison anyway.

We spoke several times after his release, but lost contact. Steve, if you read this, Joyce & Robbie remember you with much love - look for videos of Robbie on YT, we'd love to see you! :)

Anonymous said...

Jesus. Had everyone forgotten Shorty Shea? You know, the guy who Clem was convicted of murdering? Why is this man walking the streets? It's rumored his family was involved in California law enforcement. I feel bad that people in this forum have forgotten about the murder victim who screamed for his life. Shame on Bob Weir and Steve Miller. At least they're no longer relevant.

Unknown said...

ian Smith, im sure nobody forgot Shorty shea, it was a tragedy what happened to him,he was a great man and a wonderful stunt-man, but steve (Clem) did his time, shit happens man, people make mistakes in life, look at his life style in ''69''he did his time, he changed his life, if he want's to be a 'Rock Star' who the Fuck are you to judge!

Unknown said...

Oh snap. That's a good one. Maybe cosmic charlie was written about crazy charlie

Unknown said...

Yeah ,you say that as Bob weir is right now touring with John mayer and Steve Miller was recently inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. That makes them pretty relevant. Oh and dead and co is playing stadiums huge stadiums

6 degrees of separation said...

Same Steve Grogan who attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks for only 1 day? Came to school with a pack of Lucky Strikes wrapped up on the sleeve of his t-shirt. Refused to report to the principal after the teacher saw him like this. Brother Timothy (football coach) was summoned and quickly grabbed Steve and physically threw him out the room and into the metal lockers in the hallway all while screaming for all to hear (as an example for us) "how dare you defy the authority given to us by almighty God". Steve was immediately expelled. Never saw him again.