Wednesday, March 30, 2011

serial killer calendar link

Serial Killer Calendar site is alot more that just calendars.  It seems you can get any serial killers face or Charlie's face pretty much on anything.  Wall clocks, mugs and steins even bbq aprons. 
Tons of videos as well.

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Louise said...

ohinadCharlie Manson, as depicted in Vincent Bugliosi's rotten book wouldn't even qualify as a "serial killer" Even if it was true, Manson would have been categorized as a "mass murderer."
Which he is not, but Tex was. Bruce Davis reminds me of a serial killer. He would leave he ranch for months at a time. He was in London, following Joel Pugh. God knows what he was up to. He was kicked out of a Scientology convention for being a doper. Joel Ugh was found murdered with blood scrawled in his room and a sluiced note written backwards. Hmm, how did he do that? He slashed himself and menage to scrawl bloody words about, Then he wrote as suicide note? Maybe it was the other way around? Or maybe Bruce Davis did it.Serial killers murder at least three or more times with a cooling off period between murders. Like Gacey (gag), Dahmer, and that puke Bundy. Even Profilers get it wrong. Andrew Kunanan was described as "spree" killer. He lived just a few miles from my home in San Diego. Eeek!

BTW, Liz, great blog you have. Love the updates. Learned a lot.