Sunday, March 20, 2011

black bus

Inside the black bus.  Some places mention the black bus with the table the hung from the ceiling looking as if it was floating in the air.  Here is a rare photo of inside the black bus.  The only person identifiable to me is Susan Atkins. 


fiona1933 said...

it looks sort of comfy but also messy.
That is Susan and I am pretty sure that is Ruth on her left. Could that be Sandy next to her with the very wavy hair? And is the blonde Cappy? Something about the hair and body language looks right.I am trying to think who was with Charlie in the bus time. Mary, Lynn, Pat, Susan and also Ella? Ruth certainly spent time in the bus, Charlie seduced her there.
The shaggy hair could also belong to Brenda

eviliz said...

my eye site is going so like i said all i could tell was susan. if we had an exact date of the pic we could figure out who else might be in the pic. could be ella because she came with susan.

Ken619 said...

My take on it would be Susan, Squeaky, Brenda, Pat and the blond might be Didi.

I've questioned if this is inside the bus. The sharp corner and a bus is only 8' across. It seems that the demensions are larger than that. I know it is the standard thinking that this is the bus. Where is the source that this is the bus?

sbuch113 said...

Katie to Sadie's right?
The profile kinda looks like Katie.....Hairy chick with a big witchy nose.

Ken619 said...

Pat, Sadie, Nancy, Squeaky/Ruth and possibly Didi. Ella Jo has curls.

Matt said...

I bet it smelled awful in there. Too many kids and not enough baths.

eviliz said...

Ken619 said...

I've questioned if this is inside the bus. The sharp corner and a bus is only 8' across. It seems that the demensions are larger than that. I know it is the standard thinking that this is the bus. Where is the source that this is the bus?

someone sent me the pic with no explanation. i assumed it was the inside of the black bus because i recall reading in one of the books about the floating table inside the bus. plus reading else where about the inside of the bus and looking at the pic made me think so too.
it looks like the inside of a bus to me. with seats out and witchy tapestries on the walls. i believe Charlie said it looked like a "whorehouse on wheels" with the girls decor. so i guess it was my "standard thinking"

we had a "floating skateboard" my daughter made when she was younger in our old apartment's basement.

Ken challenged me! lol
Ken you know i love you!

eviliz said...

it also appears the table is suspended in air. there are no legs underneath it. it seems to have pillows under it. but lays straight.
i would think if it had pillows supporting it, it would not lay flat/straight.

i have read about the bus with the
"floating table" at least twice.
Charlie mentioned it in some book as well as Susan. so i just KNEW
that is where the pic was taken.

anyone else have a theory on where else they were? in an apartment or somethin? and has anyone else heard of the "floating table" in the bus?

Ken619 said...

Eviliz said.....

Ken challenged me! lol

Ken said.....

Oh.....I know better than to challenge you Liz!!!!!! I'm so fucking scared now. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight worrying about the consequences.

Please let me explain myself.....

The first time I saw this image, I thought it was in The Longhorn Saloon. I read the caption stating it was in the bus. I thought oh, OK. I picked it apart and there are things that make me think different.

It looks just like my cousins room when I was five (1973). He had the same type low table for rolling joints and the same decor on the walls. Pillows to sit on were the standard.
If this was the bus it would have a rounded corner in the back. This isn't the front of the bus and the corner is square. All images of what was supposed to be the bus shows it had rounded corners.
There is what looks like a decorative swinging door in the corner. Putting a door right up on the wall wasn't odd in older homes. The house I grew up in would be over 100 years old and some of the door locations were like this. If this was The Longhorn Saloon, it might of had a door like this for effect.
If you enlarge the image, there isn't any wires visible or anything to attach the wires to.
A bus is 8' across. It seems that from the camera location, the area they're in is larger than that.

This is just my opinion. Isn't there a women on another blog that might have the answer? I promise Liz, I'll never question you again!!!!!

P.S. Your package is on the way :)

Panamint Patty said...


eviliz said...

Panamint Patty said...

don't be, i love you. lol

Ken619 said...


MrPoirot said...

Yea that does look like Pat in front of Sadie. She has that Cousin It hairdo.

fiona1933 said...

Oh yes, there is a half-moon door at the back! It can't be the bus, then. Now you can see it is a room, clever Ken! what powers of observation, you should be a detective. Colour me impressed.
Who is Didi? I can't believe it, I thought I knew them all.
And, are there any pictures of Ella to be had? Don't think I have ever seen one.

AustinAnn74 said...

I think it is Pat, with her back to the camera, Ella with the curly hair, the blonde is Mary Brunner, Lynn is over on the couch, and, of course, Sadie.