Saturday, January 15, 2011


I had this posted quite awhile back. I must have been in deletion mode and ditched it by mistake. Matt re-sent it to me so I will take that as a hint to re-post it. I added the cigarette pack though. Reminded me of Danny with his ever present smoke.

Thank you to anonymous for sending it to me way back when all I had was my newsletter going, pre-blog days. Mr. Danny DeCarlo in the flesh, and a donkey and his-well you know. Not sure of the date this was taken either.


william marshall said...

Wasn't it Decarlo who was set ablaze in his van or was that Paul? Sorry. H.S. was read yrs ago

Matt said...

That was Paul. But he wasn't sure if it was his own fault or if he was intentionally lit.

william marshall said...

Thanks Matt

Linda haskill said...

where is Danny DeCarlo now is he still living?

Matt said...

Last we checked he was alive and well, Linda.

Pierre Trepanier said...


To my knowledge, he lives in The Greater Toronto area as he is Canadian born and was deported or came back ( but I could be wrong of course)
Our Canadian privacy laws will pretty much prevent anyone from finding anything. Which is ok by me.

btw, check out this creepy video on youtube about him.


Matt said...

Hi Pierre, thanks. I decided once that an excellent drinking game would be to watch this video. Every time Sherry says "y'know", everybody does a shot.

Pierre Trepanier said...

Y'know, that is a great idea.

Paula Dodge said...

Hey Everyone -
I stumbled across your sight accidently, a wealth of information!

This can go in the 'For What It's Worth' file.

I grew up in Medford Oregon and was 15/16 years old when I became aware of (and totally consumed by) HS. A woman I was babysitting for knew Danny DeCarlo and often drank with him at a long ago popular (now closed) Medford watering hole called the 10th St. Junction. I knew he owned a gas station and I found is name and number listed in the phone book. After HS gained notoriety rumour has it he had to close up shop and move on. His name wasn't in the next year's white pages.

Thank you for a forum to share my remembrance.

Y'all take care and don't forget to floss.


Marlene Ful said...

There is a interview with him and Sherry copper during their time in canada you will find it on Youtube very interesting it is done by a Candian show Fifth estate.

Marlene Ful said...

Great interview on Fifth Estate can see it on You tube Danny Decarlo and Sherry Copper.