Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nikolas Schreck on Sally Jessy Raphael

Extremely interesting interview. In minute 13 TLB is brought into the conversation.

I cannot find the second part of the interview. If you find it, please email me.


Suze said...

So, the handicapped should be weeded out? God forbid that this monster should ever reproduce but if he should and the child were handicapped would he leave the child to die?

Matt said...

Schreck believes in Eugenics, which "advocates for the improvement of human hereditary traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of more desired people and traits, and the reduction of reproduction of less desired people and traits."

The Nazis ascribed to this horseshit!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the stuff that genocide descends from.

Styxhexenhammer666 said...

Matt, you are wrong about Nikolas supporting eugenics, I thought I cleared that up yesterday on a different thread or may be mistaken.

Matt said...

Styx, watch this video. He doesn't need to say the word eugenics. He described it.

I'm done. On to better things.

candy and nuts said...

wow being on SJR thats almost as important as being guest star on BArney