Monday, October 27, 2014

A&E Biography: The Manson Girls

Patty didn't have very high hopes for this documentary, and the opening lines by Linda Deutsch cemented her opinion before the good stuff even started: "It was the first real cult...the first real cult murders we knew of...he perverted them and corrupted them, and they became something else." Oh, dear. As you can imagine, more of the same old same old media BS ensued, but there were some interesting photos of the girls and their parents that Patty had never seen before. First, Leslie:

 Then, Pat:


There were, Patty will concede, two interesting tidbis about Lyn's life. In high school, Lyn dated a guy named Bill Siddons, who went on to manage The Doors:

Additionally, her high school friends also related a story about her methodically stapling her arm with a staple gun, and "not flinching." Wow. Had you ever heard that one?

Anyhoo if you care to see the rest of this steaming pile of refried dog poop:


orwhut said...

Good find, Patty. The girls took some pretty pix before they went stab happy.

Robert Hendrickson said...

Here's a THOUGHT:

Ms Linda D. (with her infinite age and wisdom) surmises that Charles Manson "perverted" the young and innocent females.

THEN, it's a hundred years later and archaeologists excavating the Spahn Ranch discover a Coors Beer can. Upon further research, they trace the can to the 1960s and the infamous MANSON Family. Wala, the REAL motive is exposed: The MANSON Clan were awful DRUNKARDS. Of course, a hundred years from now alcohol will be considered the root of ALL evil and PROHIBITION will have been re-enacted. Good pills and lollipops will have replaced the EVIL brew once that infected an entire culture.

AND somewhere on a dusty old wooden shelf will rest another 1960's Coors Can. BUT this one has "Craig" written all over it.

Just above the "can" is hanging a picture of an old guy named "Stoner." Amen

stoner van houten said...

THAT WAS AWESOME Robert .....and your right years from now i will walk into my manson room museum i made ..LMAO..AND SEE ON A SHELF a line of coors beer cans and two bottles i dug up at spahn ranch all the other stuff i have found hoping by the 50th anniversary i have the biggest collection of beer cans and rusty tools and ranch stuff from spahn ranch ....??...will see.? make sure you to look me up in 5 years...

Healter Skelter said...

I see Patricia got her daddy's good looks.

CrisPOA said...

I think Katie was beautiful, not pretty but beautiful. Don't see why she is remembered for not looking good. Imagine if she put some makeup and a haircut...At least she didn't have that "mustache" Sadie and Gypsy had.
Very nice doc.

Healter Skelter said...

Patricia beautiful? She put the ug in ugly.

Jude in Australia said...
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Jude in Australia said...

I believe it is time to let the remaining Manson women free.
The combination of the times, isolation, meth, a manipulative leader and youth - combines to a perfect storm.
Model prisoners since their incarceration and 40 something years.
Surely, they have paid the price for their rather disgusting act.
I feel for the victims families but enough is enough !!!