Sunday, July 24, 2011

From "Death To Pigs"

Nancy Pitman on Charlie telling her to "Get a knife and a change of clothes."

Merrick: Talk about the garbage runs.

Brenda: I wanna tell you what...back of the market and uh, we were gonna ask the guy in the back of the market if he had any broken up boxes of food or dented cans. And uh, he came out with a big box full of fruit that was just ripe, but nobody would buy it cause it was too ripe. So we asked him if we could have it and he says "Naw, I gotta throw it out." So he threw it. They got these big cans and like, the got one for vegetables and one for boxes and one for meat. And he took the whole box and just dumped it in.  So, we went in after it,  We got, we picked through it and we picked all the ones that didn't have any bruises on em or anything like that so we took em out. We went through and we discovered they throw out boxes and boxes of stuff like this, that we could go through and pick out the good stuff and then take it and wash it.  And takes the skins off and stuff, which is interesting, because when I was testifying, they asked me, "Had Charlie ever asked me to take a knife and change of clothes an uh, go somewhere?" Well yeah, he did. We used to go on garbage runs. One day, the first day I went on a garbage run, Charlie said "Go to the kitchen, get a knife, and take some clean clothes. cause you'll get dirty in the cans and uh "Go do a garbage run." So i got a change of clothes and a knife and I went down to the market.


Panamint Patty said...

Patty found that interesting too: is she saying that maybe Katie, Lulu, Sadie and Linda thought they were going on a garbage run?

Matt said...

I think she was just being a smartass.

ACFisherAldag said...

Americans are so woefully wasteful, aren't they?