Monday, November 14, 2011

Shoshone, CA

The Grump from Pahrump writes:

From page 242 of little Paul's book

"I worked with Brooks and Crockett doing town maintenance for the Charles Brown Company; we worked our asses off; did everything-trimmed trees, painted buildings, laid concrete, dug ditches, pumped cesspools."

As you can see, it looks like the company still exists.

Also on page 242

"In late November we moved out of the cave and rented a house on the main highway across the street from the high-school football field."

There are 3 old small houses across from said field. 2 old(er) locals at the General Store insist that it was this house (The one I took the picture of)

If you think they are worth posting go for it!



Anonymous said...

Just for your info: Yesterday, when I took these pictures, gas was $5.19 a gallon at Shoshone Chevron!

The sign says population 100. I doubt if there are more than 50 residents.

eviliz said...

Holy shit! I thought what we pay here was high $3.59 a gallon.

Thanks for sharing Grump. <3 ya

Matt said...

Grump, dis anyone there actually remember Paul & Brooks?

Anonymous said...

Cool pics Grump!

My Dad lives in the desert and his gas prices are not even that high. Gas where he lives runs higher than in town. Usually $.50 more a gallon. I paid $3.75 today.

Patty is Dead said...

Shoshone has a captive client base, there is NOTHING out there but desert. It is a good stop on the southern approach if one takes the Western Road to Warm Springs and beyond. Generally Grump has less expensive gas on the Nevada side, The Pattys always wait to buy gas there if they can. But yes, they have on occasion paid the five bucks a gallon *shudder*.

toocrowdedinthishouse said...

Cool, to see where Paul lived. Thanks for the photo!

Anonymous said...

The few locals in Shoshone do all their business, gas, and shopping in Pahrump. The customers you encounter in the general store and restaurants are either tourists or Pahrumpians buying lottery tickets.

The place I found the older locals is the Post Office. 5 or 6 years ago I met an old(er) lady there who said she smoked weed with Brenda a few times.

In general, the whole "Manson" thing is really not talked about much there.

Unknown said...

I lived in Tecopa from the age of 2 years until I turned 18. When I was 12 years old I walked into the Shoshone "Teen Center" where I became intrigued with the two young men playing music - Brooks and Little Paul. They became my close friends and mentors for many years. I have lost contact with Brooks and would love to get back in touch with him. Can anyone help me? Vicki

Matt said...

Hi Vicki,

Email me privately...

Vicki Macias said...

Its been awhile since I visited this site. Have you anything to share? Who are you?

Vicki Macias said...

How do I email you privately?