Monday, February 18, 2013

Santa Susanna Pass Road

Cool video I have never seen before from our friend Lon.  As always Lon thanks so much!!!

Hey Liz
Heres a video of the Old Santa Susanna Pass Rd. route to the ranch that would of been used
by people like Clem. Imagine him behind the wheel of Dennis Wilsons Ferrari reportedly going
a hell of a lot faster than these guys and it ain't hard to then imagine one wrecked 50k car.

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Farflung said...

Using my best airline pilot voice:

Ahhhhhhhhh to your left at ahhhhhhh (2:56) you’ll notice a pull out with some ahhhhh yellow pipes clustered in the middle. That’s the ahhhhhh murder site of Shorty Shea.

Ahhhhhh Squeaky overheard Shorty’s name being suggested as a person to ahhhhhhhh kick the family off of Spahn’s by Frank Retz, who would ultimately buy the ranch, as in Spahn’s, and buy the farm at (3:31) on the left, ahhhhh when the bridge washed out and Frank plunged to ahhhhhh eternity.

In the unlikely event that you think I’m making up a stereotype for a pilot’s elocution: