Monday, February 4, 2013

Attorney says Charles Manson committed more murders

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Outrage: Manson Family Murderer May Go Free
Jan 31, 2013 6:00 p.m.

One of the notorious Manson family murderers may go free any day now -- and that is sending outrage through the victims' families.

The fate of Bruce Davis, convicted of two murders masterminded by Charles Manson, may rest in the hands of Governor Brown.

A parole board has recommended the release of Davis, who's spent 40 years behind bars, Fox 11 investigative producer Heidi Cuda reports. A spokesman for Brown says they are reviewing the parole board's recommendation and have about a month to either approve or reject the decision.

Family of those murdered by Davis say he's a sociopath who is right where he needs to be.

On Monday, in a Fox 11 exclusive, you'll hear an audio tape for the first time from a Manson family attorney who says Charles Manson committed more murders -- murders that he's never been tried for and that might implicate other family members.

Whether or not that tape could affect the outcome of Davis' parole remains to be seen.

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LH said...

feldspar said...

Why should it affect Bruce Davis if CHARLES MANSON committed "more" murders? If Bruce Davis committed more murders, then you'd have something to talk about.

If being associated with criminals was a deciding factor of being paroled, nobody would EVER be paroled. You know, because they are all locked up in prison, associating with murderers, rapists, and you name it.

We all know that Bruce Davis is held accountable for other peoples' actions. That's why he's been in jail THIS long, and that's why you have the ridiculous premise for this story. Let's punish Bruce some more because of what Manson MAY have done 40 years ago.

I'm not a Bruce Davis lover of anything, but where is the common sense in all this? I don't blame the victims' families for not wanting him out...not at all...but it should at least be the Hinman and Shea families being the ones voicing their displeasure. He wasn't implicated in any other case.