Monday, February 4, 2013

Debra Tate on KFI AM Los Angeles discussing Tex Tapes and Bruce Davis


Moments ago on KFI AM Los Angeles...

Debra Tate joined John & Ken on afternoon drive radio. Discussed was Bruce Davis who was sentenced to life in prison for the deaths of Gary Hinman and Shorty Shea. Because of good behavior, the parole board decided he should go free. Gov. Davis has 30 days to decide.

Tate said Davis is lesser known... much smaller than the others. He cut himself from the herd so to speak." (by getting himself tried separately). She says Davis is an equal to Charlie, he was a shot-caller whereas Tex was more of a follower. This man (Davis) she said is devious. The murders he participated in were heinous. He prolonged the death of his victims. She said she cannot say what he instructed people to do because it's hearsay. He did have the opportunity to stop things sooner and chose not to. There are other murders that took place that were mentioned by Tex Watson (on tape).

These tapes are being hung up in courts but will be heard very soon.
  • He (Tex) released the attorney-client privilege many years ago. Bankruptcy court released the tapes to the LAPD.
  • Davis is a scam. He passes himself as a minister. This is a story he sold to the parole board.
  • There are details that Mr. Davis should have reported to authorities that could have closed cases. But he did not.
  • He should have reported other Manson followers that participated in murder of Shorty Shea.
  • People have to remember that this was a religious cult to begin with. Mr. Davis has spent his years getting degrees in theology.
  • The guy is a psychopath and you don't stop once in prison.
  • They (incarcerated family members) have cell phones. They still talk to each other. They are hooked up with the Aryan Brotherhood. They see Charlie as an icon. If Davis is released, she expects more killings in LA.
Conservative radio guys: Gov. Brown lived during the Manson insanity. He was there. He was part of the hippie culture too. What is his sensibility?

Debra: I don't think it's part of today's agenda. I've tried to make people aware of other murders. People just don't care. Im tired of the battle cry of public safety. They won 't let people do their jobs that could uncover the other murders.


Patty is Dead said...

He's not gonna kill anybody else. He will be watched like a hawk at all times by law enforcement, neighbors, church members, the media and

ColScott said...

Other murders?

If Orca had taken care of her own daughter she might not be a fucking Ray Bradbury novel.

Unknown said...


feldspar said...

Bruce Davis is not linked to the Tate-Labianca murders, so this has nothing to do with Debra Tate...not really. No way in hell he is in jail for this long if he wasn't unfairly held guilty by association to a completely sensationalized media-driven monster that is the Manson way. If he'd have told the authorities where Shorty's body was instead of Clem, HE'D be the one to get out of jail damn near THIRTY years ago now.

You gotta figure that Hinman and Shea would both have been killed anyway. Davis didn't touch Hinman, and I don't think he knew he'd be killed at all. Tex basically did Shea in. The story is that Davis was just there "getting his hands dirty."

Anything else people suspect him of means absolutely zilch in the court of law...or anywhere else, for that matter.

The old man has been in jail for 40 years, whereas other Manson members have been cleared to walk. Bruner should have gotten at least as much time as Davis for Hinman. Clem has been out forever, and he actually was more involved in the LaBianca murders than Davis was in Hinman. Walked from that...he did more than Davis. Pitman's husband served 12 years (?) for killing two people. Squeaky pulled a gun on the President of the United States, for Christ's sake, and she's out. Gypsy tried to kill some cops. And this is just some of the people involved in the so-called Family. People do MUCH less time for things MUCH worse than what Davis is actually convicted of doing.

The guy is what, 70-years-old? He's got a doctorate. Who on Earth would he kill, and for what reason after all this time? The guy has served his time and then some, in my opinion.

Unknown said...

Long time listener, first time caller.
I like the Col and think he is funny (funny ha ha, maybe funny strange) but what the %$#@! What does Bruce Davis have to do with the daughter's tattoos? It is a reach to say that Debra Tate's parenting skills or lack of them are a result of her sister's murder (which Bruce Davis is not linked too) and a someones choice to be tattooed. Just say you don't like tattooed women and leave it at that.

ColScott said...

Follow the bouncing ball.

Orca, who was disowned by her own family, is obsessed with THE FAMILY.

She is now spending time fighting against Bruce Davis, who is not getting out. She does this as part of her sick, twisted need for attention.

If she had spent time with her new family, her daughter, she might not hate herself so much that she is covered with tattoos and (according to one internet site) dispensing favors behind a Mexican restaurant in Corona.

Hope that helped you understand Minny. People who tattoo their whole body are doing so because they hate what they see. One or two tattoos are aesthetic choice.

Farflung said...

Bruce is still in the Big House because he touched the ‘third rail’ of the judicial system by entering a plea of not-guilty. Lady Justice will make you her bitch for doing that ya know.

Monfort, Craig and the ladies of Stockton entered a plea agreement and were awarded a relatively light series of sentences. Keep it simple. Got a speeding ticket? Just pay the fine and slow down. Or…. Fight it and risk showing up late for court and add a contempt charge along with whatever other wrath you incite during the process. You know you did wrong, so just own up and take the punishment.

Edmund Kemper was spared the death penalty because he called the police and told them where he could be arrested. He managed to murder eight girls before engaging in an opus magnum of twisted and depraved malfeasance in the form of, raping the headless corpse of his mother. Most people would consider that a fairly spectacular act on the edge of the criminal spectrum, if not the very definition of that edge.

OJ Simpson tweaked the nose of justice and went back for an ear flick by claiming he was ‘not guilty’ of robbing a football and his own photos from a man in the Palace Station Casino Motel. Justice was already served in that; he was in the Palace Station Casino Motel. Filled with nothing but degenerates, psychos and crack whores, the Palace Station Casino serves as a half-way prison for those who can still afford the buffet. Be that as it may, OJ’s first criminal conviction landed him in Lovelock for a minimum of nine years and up to 33. More time than Monfort, Bruner, Craig and Cooper and he didn’t kill anyone or rape a corpse.

Check it out, cuz that’s the way it works. Ted Bundy said not guilty and got juiced. John Wayne Gacy said he wasn’t guilty, and got an injection to eternity.

Ed Gein confessed and got life in a mental ward. Gary Ridgway murders more people than live in Shoshone, California and gets life after entering a guilty plea.

So there you have it. If you’ve killed someone or have been in the Palace Station Casino, you’re better off just admitting it when the cops catch you and the punishment will be less.

AustinAnn74 said...


adam said...

I'm no fan of Bruce Davis but it does bug the shit out of me that Orca can go to his parole hearings. She has no business being there. Bruce didn't kill her sister and Orca's continued presence is a calculted attempt to lump him in with the TLB murders. His lawyer really needs to make an objection to this.
Also it is an insult to Gary and Shorty that their deaths are marginalzed by the death of someone who was rich and famous.

Unknown said...

Oh I knew which way the ball was bouncing, but thanks for pointing it out to me...
-seems to me all of us are a little obsessed with "the family".
-many of us here could be accused of using this platform as our way to get attention.
Don't get your panties in a knot, just admit that you have a problem with women that are not size 8 and people with tattoos and lets leave it at that.

ColScott said...

I deal with heavy set women all the time. I don't care if they are size 2 or 22.
I do care if they give sworn testimony as to being an ear witness to a murder they didn't hear or see.

I would feel sorry for Debra except she is a liar. She is a shitty daughter withholding her father's ashes out of spite. She is a shitty mother, just looking at what that poor daughter did to herself. Tattoos are fine- that's not. She is a shitty sister, exploiting her sister's death for fame. That's three strikes right there and I need not go on.

Patty is Dead said...

Fat-bottomed girls make the rockin' world go round, dontcha know?

Patty must tell y'all the story sometime about how her father in law said that Patty has "legs like ham-hocks." Dude! There's just more of her to love!

Mr. Patty says that she is not fat, rather she is "curvy." He is thankfully much kinder than his deceased father.

Livin' large, baby. Livin' large.

candy and nuts said...
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candy and nuts said...
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Unknown said...

Patty, you almost made me choke on my chicken wing. Woot woot to the sturdy girls!

Patty is Dead said...

Ah's got junk in ma trunk

Check out mah godunk-godunk!

How you like me now?


Unknown said...

I love it Patty! Sooo funny.

Unknown said...

"legs like ham-hocks", lmao! sounds like one harsh dude