Friday, June 10, 2011

Eyes of a Dreamer - The Tyler Shields Interview

Lindsay Lohan and Tyler Shields

(He is much too cute to play Charlie!)

Hello again faithful readers! Eviliz has been busy with this n that: first Coachella, then Cannes, then her graduation ceremony from The School of Hard Knocks with a PhD in smartassedness (summa cum laude). In between all that, she chatted with friend of the blog Tyler Shields and asked him all of your questions about his upcoming project. You heard it here first: who loves ya, baby?

The first question which everyone is dying to know: Will Lindsay Lohan be playing Sharon Tate? If not, who will be playing Sharon?
(Unanswered! Dang it!)

Will Marilyn Manson play Tex Watson?
That was a rumor. He and I joked about it at a party. (It) would be cool if he did, but it was never planned.
(evilliz is very upset over this.)

Will Haley Webb play Susan Atkins?
She might. She's great but it all depends on who I cast as the lead girl.

Is Nick Stahl attached at all?

It is rumored that you will be playing Charles Manson. Is that true?
Yes that is the plan as of now.

Are there any actors or actresses who you would like to be in the movie but refused? If so, what were their reasons?
I think this movie certainly isn't for some people. But once they see how I am going to do it they will understand.

How important will it be to the look of your film to have actors and actresses who strongly physically resemble the charecters they are playing?
I would rather have someone who can do the scenes over the exact look.

What inspired you to do this movie?
I didn't want to do it at first but the more I got into it the more right it felt.

Are you going to film on any of the actual locations where the Manson Family lived? If not, what will be the location(s)?
Yes for sure we will be filming all over.

Are you in production yet, and is there an expected release date?
We are casting at the moment.

Can you share the source of your funding?
At the moment I can not.

Did you try contacting any of the actual Manson Family or any of the relatives of the victim's families? Did you try contacting Charlie himself? If so, what were the outcomes?
I have recieved a few death threats however not from the Manson Family but from anti Manson people.

Of all the Charles Manson songs why did you choose "Eyes of a Dreamer" as the title?
(It) just spoke out to me.

Will there be a sound track, and if so what artists do you have in mind?
Yes for sure Benji Hughes will be doing some original score.

Will the movie follow the "helter skelter" theory of the crimes or some other historical interpretation? We ask because another movie about Manson that is currently in the works sounds as if it will be more fiction than accepted fact?
This movie will be like no other Manson movie ever done.

What will be the "take away" of your film? What will viewers remember about it five or ten years after seeing it?

It's a family and the story is a family story. Just their Family


MrPoirot said...

L Lohan would give the movie a big boost in PR but I suspect her personal probs and script quality probs won't allow her to be in this movie. Lohan doesn't need a crappy movie at this point in her career. Apparently writers are scarce in Hollywood today. It would take a mel gibson type effort to produce a modern day historical crime thriller and he hasn't been able to film anything since he offended the always offended #@%*.

adam said...

It can't be as bad as The Manson Family. Nobody cast in that movie looked like they were supposed to. Did you see the titfest they cast as Pat? And since when did Sadie have a large birthmark on her face?